The 12 Artworks of Christmas

Posted in Out of the Studio by Mandy Poernig on 12th December 2016

It’s Christmaaaaaas! It’s official, we’re in December and the jolly holiday spirit is taking the city by storm. The tree can go up, the lights will be blinding and the cheesy Christmas soundtrack can go on repeat, not to mention fishing out that outstanding Christmas jumper. To celebrate this joyful season, I’ve selected a collection of 12 festive works that will get you in the Christmas spirit and stay long after the tinsel and tree have been taken down!




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The combination of pattern and geometric elements are to die for in this piece! With the mountain setting and uplifting colours this abstract marvel is full of cheer. I actually think there is something really playful about this piece and if you wanted a work that would be engaging for your child this is a great start.


Idle Tracks, Rebecca King


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I love Rebecca’s works. These engaging cityscapes are packed with an astonishing depth of detail, beautifully lit up by the vibrant neon colours. Idle tracks is one of my favorites as it brings a little bit of Christmas we don’t really get anymore in England – a good thick snow that settles (No, the slushy sloppy stuff doesn’t count).


Polyscopy n 45, Bocetos Para Mayores DimensionesAlejandra Padilla


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Brightly colored and meticulously detailed this beautiful patterned collage reminds me of a cuddly Christmas patchwork quilt! Picture it as the backdrop to a roaring fire and fresh Christmas tree. Festive perfection!


Deer, Daisy Clarke


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Snow-kissed woods are an absolute staple of winter-themed fairytales and Daisy Clarke’s Deer really does evoke a sense of childhood nostalgia. Her works have a parallel universe quality to them, I’m pretty sure this is what you’d see if you stepped through that infamous wardrobe into Narnia.


The Beauty of Light, Patricia McParlin


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The Beauty of Light takes me back to being a child on my way to see the Christmas lights, looking out at them through a rain-speckled window. My memories aside, McParlin’s work is almost spell binding in how it captures your attention with the many possible interpretations.  This would be a fantastic feature in an entrance hall to wow your visitors.


Wild Times 2# - Gold Edition, Louise McNaught


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A bright and striking print, Wild Times 2 is a real statement piece for any home. I’ve spotted it a few times on the site and just loved the energy radiating from the stags, which is accentuated through the bold use of colour. You can’t help but be drawn in.



Shop Krista Kim's Works >>

Christmas is all about the dark nights being lit-up by the bright lights that adorn our city streets and village greens. Krista Kim’s light works are a burst of positive energy that will lighten up your living room and be a real talking point for guests at Christmas get-togethers.


Dyra Loftbelgur, Kristjana S Williams


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I’m not entirely sure why I chose this piece when thinking of a Christmassy wish list, I mean it isn’t obviously festive. However, Christmas is all about miracles and magic, bringing the impossible to life through storytelling. Dyra Loftbelgur truly is a fairytale on a page. I love the fantasy and wonder that Kristjana has woven into the work; it’s just what the essence of Christmas is all about.


Pulse Through Red, Mizue Yoshimura


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If tradition is your bag, then the red hues in this work capture a Christmas colour palette down to a t, and the delicate yet intricate detail of the spheres reminds me of falling snow flakes. This is a piece that will bring warmth to your home all year through, but I think it will really shine in a traditional Christmas setting.


10 In City and in Forest 10, Melisa Taylor


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It could be the sphere shape and blur of colours that give an almost reflective quality; but Melisa Taylor’s work reminds me of an ethereal Christmas bauble. This would look outstanding if you’re Christmas theming was centered on an icy colour palette – think glittery frosting rather than the usual tinselly sparkle.


11 A is For Antelope, Clare Halifax


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This is a lovely piece for the kids at Christmas. The cute antelope pattern as a backdrop to the bold lettering makes it really fun and a unique gift for that special little one in your life.


12 Muskola Muskola, Benny Sweeney


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Joyful, bright and bold shapes adorn this feature print. The shapes stacked on top of one another give the impression of layering, making this an irresistible work that you just want to keep looking at to discover the little pockets of detail.


With these Christmassy wonders you’re sure to find a piece that will help you hold onto that festive feeling a little longer! Have a browse of our curated gift guides and find the perfect piece for him, for her and for every member of your tribe this Christmas.