The 10 Best Artworks for Gifts

Posted in Out of the Studio by Lori Zimmer on 28th November 2016

Buying art for someone else doesn’t have to be intimidating. The gift of art can be a catalyst to a collection, an unexpected romantic gesture, or a way to honor a nostalgic feeling for a loved one or friend, with meaning beyond your typical store-bought gift. Get inspired to choose the perfect piece of art by considering the recipient’s personality, style, relationship with you, and special memories you’ve shared. We’ve rounded up ten “first” pieces of art to buy this holiday season for your tribe- from your parents’ office to the love of your life.


1 Starting with sculpture

Waste 2, Brownister Hen


Skulls may have been used in art for centuries, but they are also a popular and relatable pop culture icon. Hen (which is the pseudonym of artist Kieran Brown) casts skull sculptures of polyester resin and oil paint, creating colorful center pieces that pique conversation. Get this one for your edgy friend.

For the more wallet friendly wall version with this iconic motif, these prints by the renowned Kristjana S Williams are perfect, starting at £145.

Left: Fildrilda Kupa Gold Leaf £580

Right: Fildrilda Kupa £145


2 The Bright Lights

Rainbow JetEmma Harman


Who isn’t dazzled by neon lights? Harman’s sculptural wall piece will illuminate the the ray of sunshine in your life - and possibly get them looking to Tracey Emin and Olivia Steele to satisfy their next neon need. Get this piece for a joyful sibling!

Kiss Was Beautiful, £325

Tracey Emin

For the neon effect in a print version, check out our last available Tracey Emin work on Rise Art, and pick up an exclusive limited edition piece for someone you love by this eminent artist for just £325.


3 Stencils and celebrity icons

TwiggyJef Aerosol


Introduce your loved one to the medium of stencils with the legendary Jef Aerosol. Aseminal French street artist and a 60s British icon converge in this gorgeous black and white piece that shows the classic allure of the stencil medium- affordably in screen print. Get this piece for a pop-culture loving urbanite.


4 Swirling Street Art

Vibration of salvation #4, KEF!


Street art has become a new pinnacle of urban culture, but some of it can be rough around the edges. German artist KEF!’s organic swirls can be found on the streets of London, Berlin, Paris and Tel Aviv, and this well priced original painting brings the same energy of the streets into any home. Get this piece for cool parents that appreciate a little grit of the streets.


5 Evoking Nostalgia with Photography

Les HistoiresGina Soden


Photography is a great gateway into collecting art, and Soden’s pieces have the thrill that new collectors love- nostalgia, exoticism and adventure. This photograph of an abandoned library brings about day dreams and romance, the perfect first piece for your loved one to gaze upon day in and day out.


6 For Love and Collage

Hecho en Mexico, Alice Stallard


The most intimate gift to give to your love is a piece of art. Fawcett’s piece combines the romanticism of Mexican folk art with the cool Surrealist quality of collage. The handmade quality of this piece is perfect to show your mate that you love them.


7 Absolutely Abstract

Spirit 3Jinsheng You


Even the art intimidated can get into the strong color and texture in You’s bright and bold original painting. Get this one to brighten up your mother or father’s office or study.


8 Retro surrealism

Motel FlamingoAlexandra Gallagher


The science fiction, film noir video-file will obsess over Gallagher’s landscape-heavy collages, which juxtapose vintage magazine imagery in surprising perspectives. This piece will be an upgraded addition to their likely-already existing retro movie and science fiction poster collection.


9 Psychedelic Landscape

Neon Desert IISteven Irwin


Your Bohemian best friend may love Burning Man, and they will also love this tripping landscape, whose colors and textures will take them right back to the playa.


10 Drawing for the Novice Collector

LunaDaria Hlazatova


Budding collectors often start out their art addiction with drawings, later moving on to more expensive paintings. Hlazatova’s piece is particularly rich in color and line work- and it’s fairy-tale theme will appeal to the dreamy new collector.


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