6 Ways to Get Your Home Festive Ready with Art

Posted in The Art-Isms by Katie Tsouros on 07th November 2016

Christmas, it’s the most wonderful time of the year, gift giving and party season is in full swing and that fun, festive spirit is everywhere. Many of us who love to entertain around Christmas, from the mulled wine soirées, to the big family feasts are already thinking about decorating, embellishing and sprucing the house to have it looking its magical best, and it doesn’t have to stop at Christmas trees, fairy lights, baubles and tinsel. For a real festive feel and to have your house looking at its sparkly best, adding a new work of art can take it from Santa’s grotto to Santa’s wonderland, elevating your entranceway, living room or dining room to superstar status, and enhancing your cosy nights in.  Here are our tips for the making the most with art this year.


1 The Winter Landscape

Snowy Landscape

Daisy Clarke

The winter landscape is the perfect go-to for that stylish festive feel that you can live with all year round. Check out Nadia Day’s snow-filled winter scenes in Richmond Park for a classic style with a winter twist. Go for cool, snowy hues with whites, creams, greys and blues and a touch of colour to achieve this look, but avoid anything too stark and minimalist to keep that cosy feel. 

Get the Look:

Landscape from Oland

Charlotte Adde

Park Dawn VI

Nadia Day


2 The Statement Work

Ode to Mortality

Adriaan van Heerden

What better time to update your living or dining room with big statement works-to-wow before the entertaining season begins. Adriaan van Heerden's fresh blossom covered photograph will stand out for an all year frosty feel with some edge, or bring home one of Finnish artist Iidu Tikkanen’s standout pieces like XOXO to really transform a room. Think about the colour scheme you plan to use for your decorating this year, be it rich reds and golds, funky pinks and purples or pared back natural woods for a Scandinavian style, and incorporate some artworks that tie in and will be complimented by that.

Get the Look:


Iidu Tikkanen


3 Festive Abstracts

Abstracts are a great way to add colour and warm tones to your home at this time of year, with a range of palette themes and styles. I love the rich, atmospheric works of Fernando Velazquez which ooze gold tones, with touches of peach, yellow and turquoise. Four Seasons by Paresh Nrshinga also brings a lovely festive feel with its bright red tones that will sit well no matter the time of year.

Get the Look:

Morning Breeze

Fernando Velazquez

Four Seasons

Paresh Nrshinga


4 Playful Pieces

Snow Blind and Bear Country by Anna Marrow are lovely for that simple and playful feel with an arctic nod. The works are bold, light-hearted and crisp and these are pieces which are fun for both the kids and the grownups at home.

Left: Bear Country

Right: Snow Blind



5 Cool Contemporary

Sleek colour palettes and pared back subject matter can bring a festive feel with a cool contemporary edge. Be it the icy hues of Luke Elwes or the black and gold of a piece by Alexander Grigorev it is possible to bring in some Christmas with your art in the most sophisticated of ways. Sure to set your walls alight this festive season.

Get the Look:

December (The 12 Months)

Alexander Grigorev


Brabble by Luke Elwes


6 Magical, Mythical Creatures

There’s nothing better than the fantasy of animals that appear in winter stories to bring a magical, mystical air into your home. Be it reindeer or stags, a sultry owl or an imaginative interpretation of a make-believe exotic world. Take your pick below for works that will definitely bring that festive feel home.

Get the Look:

Columbian Forest

Kristjana Williams

Spirit of the Night

Louise McNaught

Wild Hope

Marion McConaghie


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