Motion and Emotion with Gugi Goo

Posted in In the Studio by Katie Tsouros on 17th August 2016

Gugi Goo is one of Rise Art’s most popular artists, and it’s not surprising given these beautiful abstract paintings filled with light, life, passion and movement. Born in Serbia, where she studied for her BA at the Academy of Fine Art in Novi Sad, Gugi later moved to Milan where she completed her Master’s Degree in painting at Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, before recently settling in Portugal. Find out more about her work and inspiration in this behind the scenes interview with the artist, and see a sneak-peak into a day in her life over on the Rise Art Instagram (@riseart_) for the Gugi Goo takeover.


Nothing prepared me for your smile


Tell me about the work that you make.

My work tries to show the sensation and connection of powerful words and fluttering energy with rhythm and space, through the use of multiple layers.


What’s the best response you’ve ever had to an artwork?

A few months ago I made a commissioned piece for a nice lady from Manhattan and afterwards she wrote to me and it was the best response ever. She said,

''It has made me cry and laugh and look all day. I am so in love with it. It is the best thing (art) I have ever called mine. Let's keep in touch. You have a customer/friend for life.''


You dance like a rapturous player


What or where is your go-to for inspiration?

Life inspires me to create, the connection between people and the human condition.

I may feel inspired by a situation or just by feeling.


Where’s your favourite place to travel to?

We moved recently to Portugal from Italy, so everyday I'm discovering new amazing places in this beautiful country.



What do you love most about art & making art? What do you hate most about it?

I love the ability to color other people’s inner world with my art. The one thing that I really really hate is cleaning brushes!


Where do you work? What’s in your studio?

Now I have a very big balcony on the top of the building where I'm working, together with pigeons and the Lisbon wind.



Who are your idol artists?

My idol artists are Julian Schnabel, Édouard Vuillard and Lucien Freud.


What gets you out of bed in the morning? What puts you to sleep?

My 3 year old boy.


I'm just a station on your way


If you could have your artwork in any museum, collection, or building in the world, where would it be?

I could see a Gugi Goo in The Guggenheim.


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