8 Ways to Bring Art Into The Heart of The Home

Posted in Out of the Studio by Rise Art on 10th July 2016

The kitchen is undoubtedly the centre of the home, and modern living for many of us means that the kitchen has now become an open plan extension of the dining and living space too. This open concept kitchen makes having meals much more inclusive and relaxed, it invites interaction when entertaining guests, and encourages family togetherness as the food is prepared. However quite often people are unsure of how to precisely define the dining space from a mundane workspace section of the kitchen, or how to bring some oomph into a small kitchen-dining area, where you do everything in one place. With a room that serves for so much, how can you bring art into the heart of the home, and how can it help define your space with extra flair?


By using art to zone the room visually you can create smaller, more intimate and functional areas, and really bring the heart of the home to life.


1 Frame It

By forming a wall filled with multiple framed works it elevates the space beautifully to bring hints of colour, while maintaining a clean, monochrome look. The uniformity will enhance a sense of order in a sometimes chaotic room, but will still bring some personality to a space often overlooked when it comes to art.


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Left: Rooftops at Royal Albert Hall by Claire Halifax

Right: Double Negative by Jaykoe


2 Colour Fusion

Using one large piece on a strong colour background brings a wow feeling to a small and simple kitchen layout, distracting the minds eye away from the workspace while sitting in and enjoying the dining area. Make your dining experience an inspiring one every day!


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Fluid Painting 96

Mark Chadwick


3 Lengthen The Lines

By placing art on the end wall of a long narrow kitchen it draws the eye into the room, lengthening the space and elongating the room. Use art to draw your eye away and distract from the functional part of the room, opening up a world of possibilities when it comes to your kitchen décor and the look and feel of the space.

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New and Old

Kotaro Machiyama


4 Subtle Impact

Using a large work of art that blends into the room’s décor means it remains cleverly understated but clearly configures the dining area away from the kitchen, adding a sense of elegance to the space. You don’t need always need a big, bold distraction to keep you entertained during meals, but something enlighten and lifting to start and end your day.


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Left: Blue Painting by Andrew Crane

Right: White Large Qutrefoil by Eric Wall


5 Bring The Balance

Where a kitchen-dining area is in one open space a simple work of art placed directly over the eating space brings a cohesive, alluring harmony to the room. Tie in all the elements of the kitchen together with some serenity and poise.


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Tommy Clarke


6 Make It Funky


Small scale spaces need bravery. A sweeping, colourful and bold image elevates an intimate space to another level. And we need a bit of fun in our hearts. We love this.


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Left: Migration by Iidu Tikkanen

Right: Too Fly by Andrew McAttee


7 Make it Stand Out

In a muted space of clean lines dominated by wood surfaces, a splash of colour is instantly eye-catching, and really denotes some area definition. Don’t be afraid to bring a bit of drama to the kitchen, it’s not a place where your art needs to hide. Contrast your textures with the natural surfaces or industrial materials that dominate, bringing some depth and movement with a painterly canvas, vibrant print or the shiny brightness of a sleek photograph.

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A School for Invisibility II and The Light and The Noise

Abigail Box


8 Use The Kitchen

Don’t feel like your art has to be confined to one part of the kitchen – be it the dining area, lounge or functional working space. Mix it up and use everywhere that is available to you. Bring some unity by keeping to a theme or particular style or artist, or mix it up and divide the spaces with contrasting works. Either way there is so much you can do with your kitchen space, so don’t shy away from adding some art. It might not be a busy part of the house, but it is one that demands a lot of time, and deserves the most attention.


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Hetty Haxworth