Styling with Art: Harmonising Art With Interior Design

Posted in Out of the Studio by Mandy Poernig on 18th May 2016

As a bunch of art addicts, we believe that art shines its brightest in an environment that either compliments it or bows to its opulence. Whether you're an interior designer by trade, or you’re setting out to redesign your home, read on for some tips around harmonising art with interior design…

Use art to reinforce a theme

Art can really emphasise the theme of a room. If you’ve got a client looking to emulate the 80’s (God forbid) or to capture an industrial feel then art can really help to communicate this. I love how Niki Hare’s mixed media canvases can bring a splash of colour to an industrial look. It’s clear to see the street art influence in Niki’s works, but she elevates her pieces to the next level through clever typography, layering and a bold use of colour.

As You Find It

Niki Hare

Be guided by the atmosphere of a room

Art, like décor, affects the mood of a room. I learned this recently when I brought some vibrant vinyl cases for my bedroom wall. On the shelf they looked edgy and standout, and it was only when I placed them in my gentile pastel paletted bedroom that I realised they were not fitting at all and looked, quite frankly dreadful. In fact, in the setting of my room these vinyls looked really cheap and brash. I realised that I had the art all wrong, and I had spontaneously purchased something I liked rather than given any consideration to the space. So take note! Think of the room and how you or your client would want to feel in it. If you’re after a calm and relaxing environment stick to pastels or natural hues, which can be achieved with works such as Fade by Hush or Swarm by Rosie Emerson. Alternatively, to inject a bit of personality into a dull hallway why not choose something brighter… Like vinyls, for instance.




Rosie Emerson

Compliment through colour 

Colour is a consistent theme in all of our blogs, we say it time and time again that a colour palette can help to incorporate artwork into your décor naturally. Repeating colour accents in your artwork that feature in the accessories of your room will enhance the impact of the art whilst creating consistency. Anna Marrow’s screenprints are great for this, a number of her works feature one key background colour that sets the tone and can be easily picked out with complimentary furnishings – and they look awesome.


Anna Marrow

Feature a masterpiece

If you're looking to create a statement, then try to work art into your interior designs early on. Take Dan Baldwin for example, his exciting pieces require close up inspection from the viewer. They are so detailed and tell such a great story close up that you really need the rest of the décor to be softer, in order to compliment the work and invite the viewer over for a closer look.


Dan Baldwin

Try before you buy

Here at Rise Art we offer a rental service, so if you’re desperate to experiment with a bold new style but don’t quite have the nerve to invest, then it’s the perfect opportunity to go crazy – if it doesn’t look quite right then just swap it out for another piece. This is so, SO great if you’re trying to be braver in your art choices or if you need your client to physically see an artwork on the wall. A perfect example is the work by Krista Kim, it’s pretty new and a little out there - it certainly isn’t for the fainthearted - but her light works make great conversation pieces and are pretty staggering, so try something new and out of your comfort zone without the risk!

No. 916 v.3

Krista Kim


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