Styling with Art: New Year, New View

Posted in Out of the Studio by Mandy Poernig on 07th January 2016

It’s a New Year and the perfect time to freshen up that boring wall you’ve been meaning to do something about for the last year, so out with the old and in with the new! These unique artworks from our featured collection are the ideal addition to invigorate the look of your home…

Don’t think. Do.

It’s easily done; I myself am guilty of this. For the last year, I’ve been meaning to add a bit of personality to my bedroom with some statement artworks. I currently have a blank wall. As such,  it’s about time to put that January pay cheque to good use and stop thinking about making that wall look pretty and actually choose a statement piece bring it to life.

Who to view

Get figurative with Jason Keeley. Jason’s screen prints are nothing less than sublime; his fluid, figurative pieces would work in any setting, but the serene colour palette featured in ‘Echo in Grey’  make this the perfect statement piece for the bedroom.


Be bold

It’s easy to fall into the same safe habits, sticking to similar colour palettes and preferred artists. You don’t need to go totally off the grid to mix things up, (you still want your art to enhance your home, not stand out like a sore thumb!), but take a chance and explore a new style or artist you haven’t yet given a chance.

Who to view

Discover some of our latest artists on the site. Laura Vinas’ stunning collection of landscape photography has something for everyone. Her works transcend a simple landscape photo, capturing mystical moments in time. Below is 'Confused' by Vinas.


Fill dead space

Maybe you don’t want to play around with the wall hang you painstakingly put together. Maybe the wall display doesn’t need to be changed up, but that awkward dead space in the corner does. It’s that annoying space that feels like it sucks the life out of a room. There’s just something missing.  Now is the time to bring life back to that dead space with an artwork that stands out.

Who to view

Laurence Perratzi’s sculptures are full of grace and energy. Each individual piece captures the movement and expression of the human form, and the poses she captures give the illusion of defying gravity. Laurence’s beautiful works will make a statement out of a neglected space. Below is 'Circled' by Perratzi.


Forget trends, be unapologetic

Trends are trends; they all eventually go out of fashion. Art is a long term investment so it’s important to choose something which you love and to be completely unapologetic in that choice. It’s not about what’s in or out, it’s about choosing something that you will look at every day and love.

Who to view 

We have some great featured artists on Rise art, so have a browse and discover something you unexpectedly love, it could be an intricate mixed-media masterpiece by Anna Masters, who creates her works using found, recycled or organic materials. Maybe you’d prefer something geometrical like Alejandro David Gigli ('Pibes de Barrio' - below), who creates empty spaces within his works, that add depth and tell a story. So start exploring the artists and fight off those January blues with beautiful artworks that will brighten up your abode.