Kevin's Duttons 'Allium' Print Has Been Selected by Apple

Posted by Lucia Fischer on 02nd December 2014

Kevin's stunning 'Allium' print has been selected by Apple as a downloadable wallpaper for iOS 7 and 8 for iPhone.
If you’re an iPhone user, and a fan of Kevin Dutton’s work, you can find the remarkable image 'Allium' and use it as your phones wallpaper. All one needs to do is go to Settings on your phone and follow these steps. After which, you'll most likely see it fourth row down.
Wallpaper > Choose a new Wallpaper > Stills 
Dutton also released two new artworks which were just recently added onto Rise Art. These two beautiful floral prints vibrantly pop out against their black background. Dutton has been doing botanical photography for over 20 years now, and his fascination with plants still remains. He says it stems from their natural beauty, complexity and elegance, which I can undoubtedly agree with.

Ranunculus 4
Kevin Dutton

The Ranunculus pieces are great artworks to have in your office space to keep things motivated, as well as inspiring. Their colour and detail create such beauty that it almost causes the mood to become a little more relaxing.

Ranunculus 1
Kevin Dutton

Alternatively, you can also find more of Dutton's works HERE.