Styling with Art: Industrial

Posted in Out of the Studio by Lucia Fischer on 19th November 2014

No one knows industrial better than the modern world. With how society lives and breathes, metal and machinery, we decided to show you how to keep it stylish, with 'Tape Block' by Robin Tarbet.

Tape Block Print
Robin Tarbet

Industrial decor actually happens to be one of my favourite forms of art and interior design. With everyone striving for luxurious looks, I prefer working with the beauty that's readily available. Minimal with a dark tone, industrial design has been more comonly known to be loved by the male community. Iron, wood, and practicality, one wonders how to incorperate a bit of style to such basic materials. That is where the beauty of "Less is More" comes in. Simple lines, and monocromatic colours can be found in Heal's Mini Lounge Lamp, as well as in Nest's Artek Kiki Coffee Table, creating sharp, clear boarders. Sticking to the tone (but also introducing a bit of wood) we went for the dark and crisp Carl Hansen Three Seater Couch to make the room a little less 'cold'. This is where Anthropologie's Transfiguration Shelf plays a key part as it adds more to the dark pallet. With it's potential form of movement, it sparks the idea of 'gears' in the back of ones mind. Finally, to tie it all together, a beautiful print that marks the beginning and end of an era. Tape Block Print has such a rawness to it that it makes you think about the factories, the soot, the hardworking lifesyle, all neatly contained within a frame.

1. Tape Block Print by Robin Tabert

2. Artek Kiki Three Seater Couch by Nest

3. Transfiguration Shelves by Anthropologie

4. Mini Lounge Lamp by Heal's

5. Carl Hansen CH163 Coffee Table by Nest


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