Art Speak: Collagraphy

Posted in Inside Scoop by Isabel Larner on 06th June 2014

This week in Art Speak, we explore the process of collagraphy. We reference the work of Barry Goodman, whose long-standing fascination with the world of architecture and automotives informs his creates beautiful, detailed collagraph prints.

Routemaster and A to Z and Call Boxes by Barry Goodman
Collagraphy is a printmaking technique using a collage as its base. The collagraph plate can be printed via intaglio technique (inking the recesses), relief technique (inking the raised parts) or a combination of both. Various materials are assembled onto a flat base (plate) to form a relief block with different surface levels and textures. This is a achieved by sticking and gluing materials such as textured paper (or in Barry’s case, cardboard) onto the plate and then coating it with shellac varnish or an acrylic medium to protect the materials.
While all printmaking allows for a lot of creative freedom, collagraphy in particular is a very open style due to the wide variety of textures and inking techniques. This means that various colour schemes can be printed with one collagraph (though this does depend somewhat on the materials used), or multiple collagraphs can be layered to give one print interesting depth. Collagraphs are possible to create without the use of hazardous chemicals or expensive materials. Barry creates all his prints from the comfort of his own kitchen. 
Barry Goodman took to collagraphy after studying printmaking at The London College of Printing. He has been exhibited across the UK and internationally and his work adorns walls as far apart as Streatham, New York and Naples. 
Display Stand Included by Barry Goodman

Display Stand Included

Barry Goodman

Not In Service and Ticket and Hampstead Excursion by Barry Goodman

Not In Service | Ticket | Hampstead Excursion

Barry Goodman

St Paul's and The Bridge by Barry Goodman

St Paul's | The Bridge

Barry Goodman


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