Styling with art: Architecture

Posted in Out of the Studio by Ruth Reyes on 05th June 2014

This week we concentrate on architecture. We've chosen Cuboid N°01 by Slavomir Zombek as a starting point. While it may not be a piece of, or indeed about, architecture itself, the mixed media element and bold architectural shape made it a perfect work to go by. After all, with art as in life, a concept doesn't always need to be taken literally.

Slavomir Zombek
Cuboid N°01

Trained as an architect, Slavomir Zombek borrows architectural practices such as clean lines and precise structures as the basis of his artwork. Keeping in with this trend, our keen eye was on the look out for products which esteem lines, space and precision. In Cuboid N°01, Zombek uses the paper to create a 3D cube effect so when we saw the the rug from Anthropologie, with the weaving mimicking steps in a similar way everything began to come together. Couple that with the incredible bookshelf from Heal's and a retro clean lined phone, we think we've got the makings of pretty lovely space. Not to mention the mirror made from a window available at Anthroplogie - and let's be honest - can we get anymore architectural than that? 


1. Cuboid N°01 by Slavomir Zombek

2. Fringed Cusco Rug available at Anthropologie

3. Faceted terrariums available at West Elm

4. Riva 1920 freedom project 4 bookshelf available at Heal’s

5. Tom Dixon Cast Factory Money box available at Heal’s

6. Reminicent Mirror available at Anthropologie

7. Bare Arc Wall Lamp from Allied Maker

8. Turquoise trim telephone available at Liberty

9. Vitra Design Museum, George Nelson Asterisk Clock available at Liberty


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