2 lovely gays 10 favourites from Rise Art

Posted in Out of the Studio by Charlotte Broomfield on 28th May 2014

One from Brum, one from the shires, both obsessed with good design. Finding each other in the big city where a mutual love of all things interiors was born. From designing textiles and making one-off lamps to renovating a 20 bedroom Georgian townhouse, complementing each other's skills to take on any challenge. 2 lovely gays believe that each individual element of a room should have its own voice and speak about you in some way. Here's their pick of 10 vocal pieces on Rise Art.


2GL: In love with this, it's regal and ghostly. We would put it in a dressing room and hang it on a black and white striped wall to heighten the drama and glamour. Or even opposite a walled mirror to double the impact.

Praha 6
Andy Allen

2GL: For us this one is magical… A child's bedroom is where we would hang this, boy or a girl. It's much cooler than a spiderman poster. On something like a mint green wall it could be totally unisex!

Chemical Plant
Gina Soden

2GL: This is so cinematic and atmospheric it would add a level of grandeur to any room!

The Slab
Gina Soden

2GL: A little controversial perhaps and certainly brutalist but we love it. I would keep it to a communal area like a hallway or atrium. Place it on a bold coloured wall - I’m thinking indigo blue…

September 2010
Patricia Poullain

2GL: Love the use of colour here. Terracotta is on its way back and when teamed with royal blue it looks so fresh and cool. This would look amazing in a lounge area or open plan living space.

Jeanne Masoero

2GL: Picture a white box… We would really play with texture here and keep the entire scheme white with lots of texture: marble, linen, silk, concrete. Gorgeous! 

Hydro Electric
Gina Soden

2GL: This one would look amazing in a really formal setting like a drawing room or dinning room. Think contrast. Beautiful walnut furniture, panelled walls and opulent lighting. We love the impact that would be created from such a juxtaposition.

Thirty Ballz
Super Future Kid

2GL: One of our favourite design movements from the 80’s is the memphis group, think angular shapes, pastels and neons - think saved by the bell. Look no further than Eric Trine and Wrong for HAY. This would look amazing in a loft apartment. A wild statement, exuberant and not afraid to have fun…plus we love horses... and big balls! ;) 

Search for the holy grail
Tahnee Lonsdale

2GL: This would help a very grown up minimalist space feel like it was taking itself less seriously. We can see mid century furniture and white walls. We love the multiple narratives that you can find in this. It could be hung somewhere that you see it everyday like a sitting room or hallway and you would never tire of rediscovering it's magic as you walk through.

The Making of Hermann in the Teutobourg Forest after John Charles
Alexander Heaton

2GL: This is serious and dreamlike. We would hang this in an office or study space. A grand rosewood desk, Oluce brass atollo light and a black leather desk chair. We would even paint the walls baize green to finish off the look.

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