Make You Smile Style: Bright Bazaar's Book Launch

Posted by Charlotte Broomfield on 17th April 2014

Last night we went to blogger and journalist, Bright Bazaar's book launch at West Elm in Fitzrovia. As you can imagine, the colours were dazzling, the treats were great and once i got my tongue around the hashtag, I managed to ask Will how he thought Art could be used in terms of make you smile style. Here's Will's advice, plus a couple of interesting photos we managed to get in the photo booth...

Treats & a sneak peak from Will's beautiful book. 

Will in his fab jacket doing some signing

"Personally I like to use a lot of travel photography in the home because I really like to remember my travels, as that's when I'm at my most relaxed, so yep, travel photography really makes me smile."

Photo Booth Fun


Embracing colour for make-you-smile-style 

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