5 Pieces of Art and How to Place Them in Your Home

Posted in Out of the Studio by liza evans on 18th March 2014

Growing up in London’s Notting Hill, Liza Evans’ passion for design was cultivated by her surroundings, as unique objects and family heirlooms were the backdrop of her childhood. Liza is proud to be named as one of the “Best 20 Interior Designers in Britian” by The Telegraph newspaper and here she cherry picks five pieces from Rise Art, elaborating on what kind of interior design to pair with them.

Art is a very personal matter. You've got to live with it, so it's important that you buy the kind of art that's both personal and great to look at. Be passionate about your choices, buy from the heart and not because you think you should have a certain piece or a certain look. Mixing styles can work well so long as there's a connection such as colour or a theme. A statement piece of good quality interesting art is an investment. It will upgrade most spaces and last for a long time.

Mark Chadwick
Fluid Painting 80

Mark Chadwicks's Fluid painting will add a myraid of colours to your home or office. It risks becoming over-whelming so go for plain white walls and change up the accents and accessorise in the room to suit your mood and match the painting. Cushions, throws, colourful glass, so many possibilities making this is a staple piece of art to own.

Lisa Takahashi
Tour de force

This is almost the perfect present for the cycling enthusiast in your life. It's a great piece that will look great in the den, office or teenager's bedroom.

Paul Bennett
View Point

Moody and atmospheric, this piece will create a dramatic feel to any space. Place it in a prominent position, such as in the hallway, reception room or corporate lobby. Accent the space with touches of orange, turquoise, blue/black or a touch of golden hay to really bring the space together.

Kristin Gaudio-Endsley
The Pioneer 

This painting reminds me of the Deep South. Perfect for glamorising the master bedroom or giving a luxurious feel to a bathroom/dressing area. Will give a strong female presence to any space.

Gina Soden

This piece will give depth and perspective to a room. Perfect at the end of a corridor whether it's long or short. It will create an interesting focal point as there's lots of detail in this piece. Plus the back story of the image is a great conversation starter.


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