Blogger of the Moment: Kristy and Beth from Design Chic

Posted by Katherine Lachance Lavergne on 27th November 2013

Our Blogger of the Moment this month is not one blogger but rather two 'mother and daughter' bloggers, Kristy and Beth, who blog about everything they find beautiful! We've asked them some questions to discover the secret recipe of their amazing relationship and also to learn more about their blog Design Chic

Photo: Kristy and Beth

You're 'Mother and Daughter' - what's your secret for having such a great relationship?

We have always been great friends, which I think makes it easy to work together. Plus, we have pretty much the same taste, which eliminates any blog content arguments! 

When you’re not blogging, what are you up to?

Kristy: My husband and I have a two-year-old son, so he is my main focus these days. I also have several volunteer projects that are close to my heart and try to squeeze in some writing -- and yoga -- whenever I can! 
Beth: I help my husband at our business and his position as Mayor and our varied interests keep us extremely involved in our community. Most of all, though, I love getting to see my daughter and grandson whenever possible!

How did you get started working as bloggers?

I (Kristy) quit my travel job when I got pregnant and was doing a good bit of freelance writing. I enjoyed writing for other people's blogs, and Mom and I have always both loved design so we thought, "Why not?" I really thought it would be something that would keep us occupied until the baby came, but, almost three years later, here we are!

How would you describe your personal homestyle?

I think both of our styles are always evolving. We just finished a beach house together that I would describe as transitional. It's bright, fresh and, while it has a few antiques thrown in, the style is very relaxed and unfussy. Both of our homes are pretty traditional, but with fun elements that keep them from being stuffy. We're both always redoing something or another, though, so that answer could change from moment to moment! 


What advice would you give someone looking to start a blog?

The biggest piece of advice is that you have to stick with it. The first day we got 100 views, we were elated. Then it was 1,000, then 5,000. It always seems like a miracle to us when we have a big boom in growth because, truth be told, we have no idea what we're doing! We're not techy by any stretch and have no idea about SEO or traffic tricks. We just love beautiful things and are so thankful for all the friends we have made who have kept us doing this for so long. Our only secret weapon has been to keep posting!

Do you have any secret dreams for the future?

Kristy: I recently signed with a literary agent, so seeing my novels on bookshelves is certainly a dream I haven't shared with too many people!

Beth: More grandchildren... Just kidding! I think it would be amazing to parlay our blog into a contributing editor position for a great magazine. I have no idea how we would go about trying to obtain that, but that's where dreams begin, right?

What's your personal art taste when it comes to decorating your home?

Art taste, to us, is one of those things that is constantly evolving. We are big believers in buying art that speaks to you, no matter the genre and not getting caught in the "art has to go with the room" trap. Maybe that's why the art in our homes changes more than anything else... That being said, we are loving abstract pieces right now. They instantly make a room feel young and fun!

What's your favourite piece of art on Rise Art?

It was a hard pick because we love so many pieces on Rise Art! But, if we have to pick a favorite, Low Tide by Graham Boyd really caught our eye over and over again. And that's what great art is all about, right?

Low Tide by Graham Boyd


Check out Kristy and Beth's blog HERE. And if YOU'RE LOOKING FOR THE NEXT GREAT WORK OF ART, Take the Rise Art Style Quiz to BECOME A MEMBER and access the best art from top Museums, Galleries and Artists worldwide.