What's a worthy investment? How to consider the price of Art

Posted in The Art-Isms by Scott Phillips on 30th September 2015

Purchasing a unique work of art can be a confusing process. With artwork sold by acclaimed artists such as Damien Hirst or Gavin Turk, previous sales, auction results and listings on secondary marketplaces make comparing prices possible. But for unique work from emerging artists, pricing can be volatile and rise dramatically in short periods of time.
Here are a few tips as prepared by our insiders on what to consider when looking at the pricing of original artwork:
1. Patronage: Artists work is often judged in context to their previous shows, collector base, awards and gallery representation. Collectors take all of these into account when purchasing work, and you can too. On each Rise Art biography page, we have all the details on the artist and their background - as well as any awards received and degrees obtained
2. Stage of the Artists Career: Emerging Artists straight out of art school  often price their work at the lower end. Given they are just starting out, they are looking to establish a collector base and get their work seen. Rise Art will commission emerging artists to produce work for the site, often at affordable prices starting as low as £50. 
3. Quantity: Unique works often will command a premium over limited edition prints. On each artwork page, we have listed whether the artwork is a unique one of a kind piece, or original edition. We also list the materials used in creating the work, which can also influence the price
4. Size: The size of any work will influence the value of an artwork. Smaller works by well known artists can often be an affordable avenue to collecting the artists work on a budget.
5. Artists Selling Direct: When artists sell direct through Rise Art, they avoid the expensive gallery commissions. This can also impact the price they and their galleries can pass along to the collector.
The Rise Art Promise
All artwork sold on Rise Art has been expertly curated by our advisors and team - Ensuring you're purchasing exceptional artwork at an exceptional value. We work with our artists on pricing, and we won't be undersold. We're only a phone call away, and with our exceptional no-hassle returns policy, you can be sure you only purchase artwork that you love.