Blogger of the Moment: Lisa Smith from Decor Girl

Posted by Katherine Lachance Lavergne on 27th October 2013

Our Blogger of the Moment this week is Lisa Smith, an interior designer, an acrylic artist and, mostly, a passionate of colours, who writes about interior design (that goes without saying!), but also on everything she's passionate about! We've asked her some questions to find out more about her blog Decor Girl and her numerous passions...

Lisa Smith

As an interior designer, what’s the most fun project you’ve ever worked on? 
Most fun… my very first project was the lobby of a movie theater, right up my alley fun and all about color.  The most fun design projects are when I'm allowed to create, be it furniture, lighting, cabinetry or other items - when there is a mutual respect and trust between client and designer and I can really push myself. 

How would you describe your personal homestyle? 
A curated surprise, not what one expects, but every piece has purpose and offers a place for the eye to rest and secure a smile. Colorful, modern, but very warm and comfortable - this is what visitors tell me. 

Where does your passion for cars come from?  
My dad restored antique cars as a hobby when I was young.  Something about car design from the 20's, 30's and 40's just makes my heart beat a little faster.  It isn't an interest I try to cultivate, it just comes naturally. 

If you could go on a dream vacation, where would you travel?  
Hard to choose one.  Fiji would be lovely but I would love the run of some wonderful English Castles to check out all those unseen spaces. 

You say you're a frantic of food. What's your favourite dish or recipe you've ever made?  
Lately I've been all about homemade ice cream, love making it and tweaking it ever so slightly.  My favorites are coffee and chocolate.  I love to create in the kitchen, baking is my forte.

You run Interior Design Factory. Can you tell us a little bit more about it.  
It is a boutique design firm where we design anything and everything we can for a home interior. Our philosphy is an interior has to function for the client first, before all the pretty parts. We use our interior design knowledge to help clients create the living space of their dreams.  

What tips would you give to people wanting to make their home more arty?
Less is always more and bigger is better. People often make the mistake of cluttering up a wall or a cabinet with too much which only creates visual clutter.  Leave space, empty space around artwork to allow one's eye to focus and really see the art. Artwork needs to fit the space.  A big wall needs big art.  Buy what is needed for the space not just what one can have. 

What's your favourite piece of art on Rise Art?
One of my favorites is Dark Garden by Bruce Mclean.  I love the graphic nature of this - the precision and simplicity create a very meaningful image which draws the eye in.  This is also a great piece to be what I call a "color key" for a room. One can scheme an entire room around this piece of art.

Dark Garden by Bruce Mclean


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