Blogger of the Moment: Courtney Price

Posted by Katherine Lachance Lavergne on 27th September 2013

Our Blogger of the Moment today is Courtney Price, a New Orleans native's interior designer who blogs about homestyle, home decor and interior design, but also about art, recipes and entertainment. We've asked her some questions to learn more about her and what she describes as her eclectic style...

Photo: Courtney Price

Originally from New Orleans, do you think your style is influenced by your home? How?
Oh yes, absolutely! If you have ever been to New Orleans you know that there is just a certain unique charm to the way that homes are built - the architecture and proportions, the history, the antiques, the heavy french influence. And the emphasis on entertaining… which plays right into design style. New Orleans people are always ready for a party, by design! I love to mix in the feel of New Orleans with contemporary updates.  

You describe your style as eclectic. Could you expand a little bit more on that?
I love great antiques. By great I mean the good stuff… investment grade. In England you have a better historical perspective than some Americans do for antiques – sometimes Americans automatically refer to used furniture as antiques - makes my skin crawl. So, I love the mix of great antiques, great art, contemporary pieces, comfortable seating and forward thinking technology. If a room is too formulaic or too analogous in any way, the eye just won't engage. If there is an interesting eclectic mix, the room becomes naturally more interactive as we process what makes that room good, detail by detail… 

You say your mantra is 'fine living expresses itself in the details' - what does that mean to you?
Everything is about the details: design, cooking, entertaining, personal style, relationships, friendships, you name it. When a highly detailed level of thoughtfulness goes into the way you live, life is more enriching. It is simply a matter of focus… not on yourself, on others. Paying attention to what makes people or places unique. It allows one to be a better designer, friend, spouse, host, a better anything. 

You have a background in culinary arts - what's your favourite dish or recipe you've ever made?
My husband and I are pretty healthy eaters for the most part. I love french cooking techniques and do not rely on recipes as much as creativity and the finest fresh ingredients. Good ingredients make good food. So I am always finding ways to make healthy choices delicious, and like many people, we enjoy a good decadent splurge – so it better be good and worth it! We also like to entertain a lot (that's the New Orleans in me coming out) so we are always changing the menus and trying new things. Like I said above, I plan dinner parties down to the last detail so I will be free to enjoy the good company. 

You're now living in Dallas. Do you think it has an impact on your style?
Not really. I have always worked to have resources world wide so I can deliver more interesting design to clients than they could go out and find themselves. 

If you could go on a trip, where would you travel?
Without a doubt, ITALY. Can you believe I have not been? What's the matter with that picture…I need to go! :)

What tips would you give to people wanting to make their home more arty?
My advice for one who wants to make their home more arty - If you don't have any background in art - educate yourself first to discover what kind of art speaks to you, don't just buy to fill a spot on the wall. Art is a VERY personal thing so make sure it speaks to YOU and pleases your eye… rather than the eye of a potential guest. Sounds crazy, but you might be surprised… I love your concept of renting art - perfect solution to help clients arrive at the perfect selection to purchase.

What's your favourite piece of art on Rise Art?
Without a doubt my favorite would be Couple et Enfant by Pablo Picasso.

Couple et Enfant by Pablo Picasso

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