Spotlight On Our Artists: Beomsik Won

Posted by Beomsik Won on 19th September 2013

First to take part in our 'Spotlight On Our Artists' series is Beomsik Won. In this guest post, Won explains what Art means to him and enlightens us on his Archisculpture Project...

What is Art?

For me, Art is more of a scientific discovery than of a personal expression. Of course, we cannot ignore showing the particularity of each human being through the art. Many artists show their subjective matters to people, and these kind of arts are doing their best. It should be huge part of the arts, and in many cases, we definitely need beautiful paintings and sculptures for human life indeed. However, that is not all about the art, and it shouldn't be. The art should encourage people to find new paradigm all the time. The art should struggle to give people any clues of unseen world. So that people could see the new ways to the truth we've never imagined before, and then at least the human psyche will be improved to understand our world a little bit.

Archisculpture 013, Beomsik Won                                                   Archisculpture 009, Beomsik Won 
My Archisculpture Project

René Descartes claimed that in general, the design of the architecture built by one master is more beautiful and perfect than that of buildings by many architects. However, the purpose of the Archisculpture Project is making gigantic architectural sculpture using various features of buildings by many different architects. This project could be described as a collage of a ‘Phantasmagoria’ that was discovered by Flâneur’s view of metropolis. If there is the Punctum in photography, parts of architectures I chose here would be my real Punctum, and the fabrication of these Punctums becomes the basis of the work. Within this project, a variety of architectural elements are reborn as a gigantic and historic new sculpture. Therefore, this project is quite symbolic. The Archisculpture Project creates new stories, connecting every meaning of architecture, or makes comments by dismantling a cityscape, rather than being merely an aesthetically pleasing artwork. 

Archisculpture 010, Beomsik Won

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