Introducing: Kristjana S Williams

Posted by David Smith on 10th May 2013

Kristjana S Williams richly imaginative work interweaves fragments of Victorian engraving with contemporary illustrations and colouring. The artist creates magical landscapes, filled with impossible, exotic creatures, flora and fauna. The Icelandic born artist is a graduate of Central St. Martins. Her work has been commissioned by major brands including Paul Smith, Liberty's and was the focus of a show at the V&A gaining critical acclaim in the process. Rise Art featured a selection of her work at Art Fairs across the Uk.

Rosar Hjartur Tre

What got you started?
After studying low voltage electronics designing logic circuits it became clear I should be at art school not a polytechnic.
Who or what have you sacrificed for your art? 
My families sanity!
Lear OG Barraband Gaukar
What work of art would you most like to own? 
hmm this changes all the time at the moment I would love to own Roy Litchtensteins "Water Lilies With Cloud". 
How has coming from a design & textile background influenced your work? 
Very heavily, working on huge fabric pieces over intense periods in the seasonal turnaround gave me a vision to work in fast in huge details with a few months turnaround
Why do you name your work after their Icelandic translation? How has your cultural background influenced you?
A big yes again, the contrast between living in Iceland then visiting my family in England is best described in the Hjartar Tree series the clear contrast of the tree and the added foliage. With the naming of the work Icelandic is a very direct language so for and example the piece with the two birds on the green brance : A graeni grein wich directly means to be on a green branch but also means in Icelandic that you are in a good/lucky place
Kristjana's Studio
Hildar Fidrilda Kupa
What's the biggest myth about your art? 
That it is really complicated, they are collages at the end of the day and when I hold workshops with prepared imagery or like the Granimator application for the V&A show, it is completely amazing what people create, most people really surprise themselves.
What song would you have become the soundtrack to your life? 
Har har - this would change all the time too, at the moment it would have to be the new Daft punk soundtrack, "Get Lucky".
Out of all your cartoon animals, which one is your favourite? 
There are too many - possibly the birds as they where there first 
What's in store for the second half of 2013?
God, too many things, new products, really exciting commissions with Osborne and Little and Triumph and lots of Art fairs and we are showing at TENT again as well as with Outline editions at Design junction.


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