Artist Of The Week: Mark Chadwick

Posted by David Smith on 19th January 2013

Painter Mark Chadwick explores the influence of technology on society by incorporating mechanical methods in the creation of his artworks. In his art as in our daily interactions with technology, the machine nonetheless requires instruction from a human being to execute its function. 

Fluid Painting 67

Fluid Painting 60

In these works Mark is able to explore, “ideas surrounding authorship, consciousness, and interaction,” as well as less obvious themes such as randomness. Currently his work is concerned with the painting process as the performance aspect of the production of an artwork, exploring the relationship forged between materials, aesthetics and perception across cultures. He uses machines/technology to allow paintings to make themselves in order to further remove the hand of the artist. Once set in motion Mark will often remove myself from the studio and allow the paintings to paint themselves. 

Fluid Painting 64

Spin Painting 24


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