Is it art? The Octogenarian Restorer

Posted by David Smith on 29th August 2012

Last week saw one of the funniest art world stories in a long time, Amateur restorer Cecilia Gimenez's attempt to fix up Elias Garcia Martinez's 19th-century fresco "Ecce Homo" at her local church the Sanctuary of Mercy Church in Spain. 

The fresco and Cecilia Gimenez's restoration. 

According to NY Daily News the "restored" fresco has become an overnight tourist sensation, so much so that it has now been roped off and is protected by security guards. Could Cecilia Gimenez be the art worlds next big sensation?  Hyperallergic asks this question by authoring some potential "reapproprations" of the Octogenarian Restorer.

Cecilia Gimenez does the Mona Lisa

Cecilia Gimenez vs Andy Warhol

Cecilia Gimenez takes on Edvard Munch

Images via Hyperallergic


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