The Weird & the Wonderful: An affordable art collection to stimulate the imagination from Laura McBeth

Posted by Scott Phillips on 09th May 2012

Laura McBeth, Marketing Director at Washington Green and sometime scribe brings you her collection of artworks that inspire the imagination, The Weird & the Wonderful.  Of her inspiration, Laura says,"I love artwork that blends the normal with the abnormal, or that mixes the whimsical nature of fantasy with a sense of dark foreboding. Pieces that intrigue, excite and disturb all at once. I guess you’d say that my tastes, and therefore, the work displayed in this particular collection are a little surrealist, perhaps in some cases macabre? Although boxing off an artist/piece of art into a genre or movement seems too constrained to me. Ultimately, this is just art I like, view the entire collection here and see what you think!"

Astrikur raudi by Kristjana S. Williams

Archival fine art print - Limited Edition of 75

Laura: The colours and the detail in this piece by Kristjana make it a magnificent treat! The way in which flora and fauna merge and entwine to become one throughout the artwork is beautiful. I could see this type of work on ceramics too.

Of all the things I could have done: Untitled 2 by EJ Major

Limted Edition of 10 Photographic Giclée Prints

Laura: I’m a list nut, so immediately this jumped out at me. I especially like the torn & defaced £10 note…questioning the necessity of material goods when you are without the ability to create.

Marks by Bartosz Beda

Original Oil Painting on Canvas

Laura: This is a very bold piece, it sort of smacks you right between the eyes. The physical size of the art is imposing & would make a fantastic statement. The lack of definition around the lips & mouth unsettle me a little, like he is unable to make himself heard.

This is just a taste of Laura's collection of original art pieces making up The Weird & the Wonderful - to see the full collection, click here.