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New In December Picks!

Christmas is nearly here! Let us get you in the Christmas spirit with some of our best new artwork this month!

By Dan Fitzsimmons | 10 Dec 2015

Christmas is nearly here! Let us get you in the Christmas spirit with some of our best new artwork this month!

This month's new-in picks showcase the very best of the new artists and artworks on Rise Art. We've got paintings, technical drawings, and even collage from the inimitable Sir Peter Blake and Bruce Mclean!


Poppy mitchell

Rise Art insider says of Poppy Mitchell that:

"Poppy’s haunting paintings of torn posters are evocative and poignant, their fragmented palimpsests and apparently random juxtapositions are a delight. Her large-scale drawings take the viewer to other, labyrinthine environments, informed by her background in theatre design and executed with consummate draughtsmanship."

Poster Girl 1 by Poppy Mitchell



bianca maccall

Bianca MacCall is a visual artist who studied Illustration at the Arts University Bournemouth. Her work explores the idea of space, in both industrial and natural environments. She uses drawing and collage to create work with a strong focus on mark making, structure and form.


Didcot B by Bianca MacCall


peter blake (NEW PRINTS)

Rise Art are proud to announce that we have several new prints by SIr Peter Blake on offer this month!

Sir Peter Blake is an iconic British figure, made famous through the Pop Art movement of the 1960s. He created the sleeve of The Beatles album, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, and was one of the first to work in this style, collaging images from advertisements and the media. He continues to work prolifically from his London studio.


L-R: Manhattan Boogie Woogie & Paul Weller's Stanley Road by Sir Peter Blake


paul bennett (portraits)

Rise Art's inside Jo Baring says of Paul's works that:

"Paul's paintings are abstract and expressionistic rather than representational. In a world where we are surrounded by mass production, Paul’s paintings are deliberately individual and unique. We can see the brushstrokes, the palette knife markings, the paint - and this, combined with his rich palette, result in stunning semi-abstract paintings."


The Long Goodbye by Paul Bennett


bruce mclean (new prints)

In the 1960s McLean caused a stir at Central St. Martins when he rejected his tutors' views of what sculpture should be (abstract and off the plinth). He began using rubbish or his body as sculptural materials, and making works that were all about plinths and framing devices. He quickly branched out into other mediums. At the age of just 27, McLean was given his first exhibition at the Tate.
Numerous international shows have followed, and McLean continues to bring colour and humour to different mediums: performance, film, sculpture, ceramics, and here on Rise Art, monoprints. Some of these works are companion pieces, and can be bought alone or hung as a pair.


San Carigol 27 by Bruce Mclean


These works are all available on our shop at the moment, so click HERE to go take a look at them!

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