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By Isabel Larner | 15 Aug 2014
We bring you the latest stories in art and design from the past week.
Home Envy Courtesy Of Design Hunter
Design Hunter has us wondering if this sudden onset of cold weather was so bad with a post on a Swiss-inspired chalet in Quebec. Filled with beautifully muted colours and deliciously textured wood (from forest to the house itself), we've been scrolling up and down through the images with a considerable amount of house envy. We'll even take the weather if we have to - and curled up watching the snow from this house would probably beat huddling under a doorway from the rain in London, anyway.
MadAboutTheHouse On Pinterest
If anyone knows a thing or two about interior design, it's Kate of MadAboutTheHouse. She writes for the Financial Times, The Independent and Daily Mail, and has had her house featured in Living Etc and Heart Home mag. An impressive portfolio, keep eye for style and carefully curated, organised aesthetic means that her Pinterest is not only authoritative but actually nice and easy to navigate. Repinning recommended. 
Who Rules The Art World?: Artist Trump Cards
Who has more 'shock of the new' factor - Hirst or Hockney? How about artistic influence or versatility? FAD introduced us to this fun new game by James Cahill and Mikkel Sommer, where you can play the biggest names in contemporary art against each other to see who rules the art world.  
The Rise Of The #StatueSelfie
Regulars at the National Portrait Gallery may be dismayed to learn that the gallery is now allowing photography within its walls, following difficulties over regulating phone use. Such easing of rules means that such trends as the #MuseumSelfie have exploded. The act of taking photos of yourself next to an age-old painting may seem a little bizarre and unnecessary, as one man may have decided when he got a bit more creative with the concept. Manipulating the camera to give the illusion an ancient statue is posing for a picture - amusing modernisation of the classics, or inappropriate appropriation? We'll let you decide. 
Take Over Tate After Dark With Remote-Controlled Robots
What are you doing tonight? If you've got a bit of time on your hands at the computer, maybe you'll consider taking control of a remote robot and guiding it around the Tate Britain after-hours. Created by design studio The Workers, After Dark will let you (or anyone in the world) take control of one of four robots as they traverse the quiet rooms of the Tate Britain throughout the night.
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