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Stay on top of the design news with our round up the best blog posts, most pinnable images and enviable inspiration from the last week.

By Isabel Larner | 25 Jul 2014
Stay on top of the design news with our round up the best blog posts, most pinnable images and enviable inspiration from the last week.
The Charmingly British Homeware of Victoria Eggs
We're still on a local London kick from our West Elm event, and Victoria's products are the perfect mix of whimsical and well-made that we think underlines many a 'Made In Britain'.   
With a rapidly growing portfolio that includes various design and business awards, premium handmade quality and British idiosyncrasies are what encapsulates Victoria Eggs. We're particularly a fan of the kitchenware range - think bold London prints and wonderfully composed typography. 
Victoria Eggs products
Check out Victoria's Twitter too, where her candid and charming personality is the perfect, authentic mouthpiece for the Victoria Eggs store. 
La Petite Fleur des Londres Tracks The Best Rooftop Bars
London is no longer wanting for rooftop bars, but we can't help but be a little jealous of the international selection Natalia has managed to find. Take a look at this stunning rooftop in Bali - we can just imagine the warm salty beeze and softly crashing waves as we sip a cool drink: 
Rooftop bar in Bali
We can't get over the inviting colour scheme of this image
What we love the most is the varience in architecture, furnishing and even colour that gives each bar its own distinct atmosphere - though they all scream opulence. From Austria to Istanbul you can imagine the experience being totally different at each one (though we'd happily visit any of them)!
Check out her post for more images of some seriously enviable views across the world. Wonderlust or what?
Tiffany Grant-Riley (Curate and Display)'s Instagram
We've been trawling Tiffany's Instagram lately, where you can see exactly where her blog's name came from. With their perfectly balanced colour schemes and thoughtful composition, each of her snaps looks like a teaser for a carefully designed photoshoot. And if they do leave you wanting more, worry not - you can just head to her blog for that!
Tiff Grant Riley Instagram
Dear Designer's Colour Thoughts
We've been craving pure colour in the wake of the recently opened Making Colour exhibition at The National Gallery. Lucky then that Carole over on Dear Designer rounded up some stunning visuals in her musings on wall colours:
Dear Designer Farrow and Ball wall
There was no forgetting this emerald green, and we've been eyeing up the second image in particular for ages. There's nothing like the richness of a premium pigment; maybe it's time to update our accent wall in the office! 
If you wanted to know where to find these wall colours, check out the post for links to the image sources. There are some super gorgeous navy and deep grey walls to covet as well!
Design Lovers Brass Wishlist
Brass is back, and we're pretty happy about it. Brass is the perfect middle ground between modern and vintage: it has that contemporary edge that any metallic can bring to a room, while its warmth and malleability makes it perfect for more artisanal pursuits. We're currently dreaming of a minimal room with white walls and brass accents that brings attention to a few centrepiece artworks.
We found fodder for our design daydreaming in the form of a brass wishlist over on Design Lovers. Be sure to check out their inspiration post around brass too for some ideas on how to put your purchases into action.
Apartment Therapy Colour Palette Inspiration Search
On the topic of inspiration, take a look at what we noticed in our inbox from Apartment Therapy this week: 
Apartment Therapy Colour Search
Apartment Therapy have a colour palette search, presented by Sherwin Williams, where you can choose up to 5 colour and be rewarded with all the images on their site that match that palette. Endless colour inspiration! 
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