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Reuters Feature Rise Art: Art to Try before You Buy

Reuters Joanna Partridge interviews Rise Art artist Rosalind Davis and founder Scott Phillips about the novel art rentals model

By Rise Art | 26 Mar 2012

Rise Art's featured artist Rosalind Davis and founder Scott Phillips along with a Rise Art customer speak with Reuters Journalist Joanna Partridge about Rise Art Rentals and how it helps both artists and art buyers. 

Rosalind Davis said during the interview that for her Rise Art and renting her art represented a sustainable way to promote and earn money from her work. One customer and current renter of artwork on the site, Ravi Juneja mentioned that rentals are a great way to secure a piece of art without the upfront commitment, and try it in your home. Founder Scott Phillips also discussed how Rise Art is providing consumers with a Risk Free way to try out art in their home.

The video also featured two of Rosalind Davis prints Farewell and Return that have been commissioned by Rise Art for the site. 

The full 2:45 second video is available above or via the Reuters Official Website

Reuters Journalist Joanna Partridge can be reached on twitter: @JoannaPartridge


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