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New Collection: Rheanna Lingham & Curious Spaces

Luna & Curious co-founder Rheanna Lingham selects her picks of artwork which puzzle, confound and perplex. Curious spaces incite curious stories, everyones narrative is different.

By Scott Phillips | 16 Mar 2012

Luna & Curious, the design collective and retail outlet has been making waves in London with their collections, collaborations and support for emerging designers. The company got started in London's trendy Shoreditch, and has since expanded to include a new outlet at the Sanderson hotel in central london. Co-founder Rheanna Lingham took time out to curate her favourites on Rise Art. Her collection "Curious Spaces", explores our interpretation of artwork that confounds and requires intrepretation. We sat down with her to discuss the collection and Luna & Curious.

Rise Art: Your collection looks into how people interpret artwork. How did this come about?

Rheanna Lingham: It happened naturally, I selected images individually that I really felt strongly about and then when I viewed them collectively there was such a strong theme. So many works with so many stories to tell. Curious spaces is a selection of works that require interpretation and for the viewer to take a closer look.

RA: When looking at art do you fill in the gaps and create your own stories?

RL: There is never a definite story. In film, art and even life everything is always open to interpretation and I like artworks that invite this discussion and respect the audience's viewpoint. Plus, I have a wild imagination and love making up stories.

RA: Within the collection is there one artist's work that really stands out for you?

RL: I have been following the work of Alma Haser for the past year as it goes from strength to strength. Her 10 seconds project featured on Rise and the Dazed Blog really caught my eye, as well as her "Stateless" series. I love how all her work uses lighting that is warm and comforting.

RA: We have been fans of Luna & Curious for a while  How did the store first come together?

RL: We started in 2006 as a group of designers that got together and opened a shop, quite ad hoc. It went really well and Luna & Curious has grown so much, but is still fueled by the same passion for great new design, great British quality and great people.

Luna and Curious Shoreditch

The Luna & Curious Shoreditch Location

RA: And now you are at Sanderson London as well as Shoreditch?

RL: We were invited by Sanderson to open in the hotel and it seemed such a perfect fit. The Phillipe Starcke interior of the hotel is whimsical and embodies British eccentricity, characteristics we also embody.  The shop is designed to be a little jewel box with a quilted ceiling, I love the idea that you could lift the lid and peer in at the treasures inside.

Luna & Curious at Sanderson London

Luna & Curious at Sanderson London

RA: Your brand helps shine the spotlight on young designers. What similarities do you see between artist on Rise Art and the designers you work with?

RL: We have a great relationship with all our designers and they are just as important as the products they make. The Rise Art artists seem to share this same empowered approach to their work, they are putting their work out and are in control of its destiny.

RA: What is your guilty pleasure when it comes to fashion and art?

RL: I don't think I feel guilty about anything in which I seek pleasure. If you like it, then you should enjoy it. The objects and culture that you surround yourself with are your choice and that makes you the interesting person you are.

RA: Any advice for first time art buyers?

RL: Follow your instinct, and buy things you love. After all, you are the one that has to live with it. So don't rely too heavily on what others like.

Fieldfair from Alma Haser's Stateless Series


Luna & Curious' flagship store is located at: 24-26 Calvert Avenue, London E2 7JP

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