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Live with art in your home before you buy with art rentals starting from as low as £25 per month!

By Scott Phillips | 16 Sept 2012

In association with our partners and artists, we're happy to offer art rentals on Rise Art

A majority of the works on the site are now avaialble to rent as well as purchase. Art rentals allow you to live with the work before you buy, for a low monthly rate. Upon renting a work on the site, we'll ship the work to you framed and ready to hang. You can rent the work as long as you like, purchase it using credits from your rental, or return it to us free of charge at any time.

If you decide to buy, we'll credit 100% of the rental price if purchased in the first month of your rental, and 50% of your total rental if purchased thereafter. 

While most of our artworks are available for rent, some may be unavailable. If you'd like to rent a work of art that currently is only available for sale, contact us and we'll help find a solution.

To learn more about Art Rentals visit our how it works page

 Sophia Burns Blue Revelation

Blue Revelation by Sophia Burns
Rent Framed from £35 per Month

Rosalind Davis
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