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Royal weddings, Dai Roberts' new take on Modernism and Spring time taking over the Rise Art office...

By Scott Phillips | 12 Apr 2011

With the pending royal nuptials commencing here in London in less than three weeks time, there seems to be no end to merchant's attempts at profiteering from the occasion. The stalls around Buckingham Palace are overflowing with commemorative and kitsch mugs, plates and ashtrays.


Not to miss a trick, galleries are capitalizing on the occasion. Earlier this year, Stephen Friedman gallery received quite a bit of press and raised a few eyebrows for an exhibition by Jennifer Rubell, which featured a life size wax sculpture of Prince William that allowed fans to pose as Kate Middleton. During the week of the wedding, the Rebecca Hossack art gallery is hosting an exhibition by Charlotte Cory featuring a series of etchings from her 'Royal Engagement'series.

Jennifer Rubell gets the Kate Middleton treatment

At Rise Art, we have abstained from this wedding craze and have instead focused on the release of our first screen prints from Select Artist Dai Roberts. We have spent a few weeks working with Dai to produce two unique prints from his UNIT print series.

UNIT Print #14 and UNIT Print #25 are both hypnotic examples of modern day Constructivism. These prints reflect Dai's interest in Modernism and its legacies in contemporary culture.

Dai Roberts' UNIT Print #14 and UNIT Print #25, exclusively on Rise Art

We worked with Dai to create an edition of 35 prints of each work. The three colour screen prints are printed on 300gsm coloured cotton paper and look stunning framed. Each comes embossed and hand numbered with a signed certificate from the artist. Be sure to check out our behind the scenes photos from the print run with the artist, and our video interview with Dai at the studio.

Dai Roberts working on one of his limited edition screen prints

As always, we welcome your feedback. Suggestions for improvements are welcomed and, if you are an artist, now is a great time to submit your work for consideration. This week, we are releasing new features on the website designed to enhance the community aspects of Rise Art and help with the promotion and distribution of your artwork.


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