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Rise Art's Blogger of the Moment: Raddest Right Now

We are launching a new exciting feature on the Rise Art blog! Do you want to know who are the bloggers who rock the online world? Now, we are telling you!

By Lorena Muñoz-Alonso | 24 Mar 2011

Meet Eleanor Webber, Rise Art’s first ‘Blogger of the Moment’! This enthusiastic and curious twenty something Australian is the person behind Her blog covers any cultural manifestation she finds ‘rad’, without any limits but with tons of impeccable taste. Eleanor has a soft spot for art and fashion. Magazines, graphic design and music also feature heavily in a blog which should be a regular destination for all those with an interest in what’s going on right now in our cultural landscape. We spoke with Eleonor to learn more about what makes her tick.

Eleonor Webber, the face behind

When did you start Raddest Right Now?

It all began in November 2006, but I no longer really remember why I started it. I suppose I just wanted to write about stuff I liked and the Internet seemed like as good a space as any.

What other blogs do you like and/or usually read?

Fashion blogs! Style Rookie, The Sartorialist, The Imagist, etc. To be honest, they’re more fun than most other blogs. Plus I also read my friends’ blogs, check out Jerico’s and Mary’s (both amazing)!


What are your favourite museum/galleries?

It changes depending on the exhibitions and how cynical I’m feeling toward the (art) world. Of the really big ones I can say that I like the Tate Modern and the Palais de Tokyo. The ones I’m most interested in, however, are usually the small spaces that are run by artists/curators/writers trying to find other ways of doing things. For example, Serial Space in Sydney or Le Commissariat in Paris, among others.

What is the Raddest thing, right NOW?

I just moved back to London, after a stint in Paris! That’s rad!


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