The Warrington

by Donald Macauley

Paintings - 170.2cm x 139.7cm x 2.5cm


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    Type | Original Art
    Medium | Paintings > Oil
    Style | Realistic
    Subject | Architecture
    Year | 2014
    Size | 170.2cm x 139.7cm x 2.5cm
    Ready to hang | No
    Signed | No
    Materials | Oil on board
  • The Warrington

    Originally a high-class brothel, this pub in Maida Vale was built in 1907 using carved wood from a broken-up sailing ship as well as marble, mirrors and stained and leaded glass. The ladies adorning the canopy were added in the 1960s (time of a big Art Nouveau revival) by a woman artist.

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    Donald Macauley

    I was born in Cambridge in 1949 and grew up in the East Anglian countryside. I began painting at school aged 16 and my earliest efforts were semi-abstract but I soon discovered that I wanted above all to paint from life. I was at Reading University 1968 to 1972 and learned a lot from two very different painters-Ray Atkins and John Wonnacott, who have remained friends.I have in the past shown at the RA Summer Exhibition and the New English Art Club and Lynn Painter-Stainers shows and had a retrospective at the Grant Bradley Gallery, Bristol, in 2010. I admire many painters past and present but…

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