T'ain't Easy Bein' Green

by Lisa Cirenza

Edition of 100 - 42.0cm x 30.0cm


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    Type | Limited Edition
    Medium | Prints > Digital
    Style | Pop Art
    Subject | Portraits & People
    Year | 2014
    Edition | of 100
    Size | 42.0cm x 30.0cm
    Ready to hang | No
    Signed | Yes, front
    Materials | Digtially painted live on an iPad, printed professionally on Somerset 308gsm paper.
  • T'ain't Easy Bein' Green

    The Green guy was on an advert as she was awaiting her train. It was a Monday. She was late. She thought painting him on her iPad could infuse her with the peace he exudes. She entered the train and saw these two people with the seat between them empty. She painted them live, and put the Green guy already in the middle of her composition, between them. Are their expressions, which she didn't alter to fit the scene, serendipity or a fated reality?

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    Lisa Cirenza

    Lisa is a London based painter and digital artist who has lived, worked and studied in many countries and cultures. Her art is a direct result of her nomadic life. She loves to explore the human energies that make us all connect: the humour, the sadness, the beauties, the uglies, the struggles, and the triumphs innate to human nature regardless of where one is based.
    She is also a closet techie and scientist. The latest digital technologies, and refractive indices of pigments are favourite subjects. Her studio is a cross between a chemistry and computer lab where she seeks to optimise the e…

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