Inversion Excursion

by Peter Lamb

Edition of 15 - 56.0cm x 81.0cm


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  • Stephen Beddoe

    The Insider Stephen Beddoe says:

    "Lamb’s paintings are wildy colourful and gestural, referencing the greats of 20th. Century post-war abstraction – from de Kooning, to Vasarely and Basquiat. Instilled with a inherent love of the production and materiality of ‘painting’, these works are love-letters to the joy, power and freedom of the medium."

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  • Inversion Excursion

    ‘Inversion Excursion’ is an image that captures the artists discarded paint palette, heavily encrusted with layers of paint. The thick materiality is then processed and completely changed to create a new piece. The overall image is inverted digitally and turned onto itself to appear endless. It becomes an image with no ending point, projected into infinity. The provenance of the image, the palette, is important for Peter because it addresses the endless possibilities of art and of failure: With no middle ground, collapse and failure become a way to invigorate the work itself and add the possi…

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    Peter Lamb

    Peter Lamb is a contemporary artist who reworks photographs of events in his studio to create abstract works that are at once photographic and painterly. We love Peter’s unique practice: he starts with photographing details in his studio - areas of the floor, for example, that feature interesting combinations of colour and texture - and then he rescales, reprints and paints over these images to create mesmerising abstract artworks.

    Peter graduated from London’s Camberwell School of Art and over the past fifteen years has exhibited his paintings in group and solo shows across the globe.…

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    Limited Edition
    of 15
    56.0cm x 81.0cm
    Ready to hang
    Archival Pigment Print

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