by Emmanuel Laflamme

Paintings - 61.0cm x 61.0cm x 4.0cm

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    Type | Original Art
    Medium | Paintings > Acrylic
    Style | Pop Art
    Subject | Portraits & People
    Year | 2010
    Size | 61.0cm x 61.0cm x 4.0cm
    Ready to hang | Yes
    Signed | Yes, verso
    Materials | Acrylic on canvas
  • Poisoned

    Snow White eating poisoned Apple.

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    Emmanuel Laflamme

    Emmanuel Laflamme recycles popular imagery with humour, creating scenes with strong meaning that lead us to smile and think. Like the surrealists, he develops representations with an apparent impossibility that captures the viewer's attention. He creates his works like a creative director who would have nothing to sell. Combining cultural references, he diverts ancient and modern myths to serve us his perspective on the world, at once tender and critical. The absurd is his playground, the anachronism his specialty. Emmanuel was born in 1984 in Montreal. A self-taught artist, he worked as a de…

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