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Watercolour Paintings For Sale

Discover contemporary watercolour paintings for sale online today. Buying original art is easy with works from established and emerging contemporary painters all in one place for you to browse. To refine your search, browse abstract, illustrative or impressionistic watercolours.

Not sure where to start? Take a look at the watercolour paintings of self-taught Belgian artist Pol Ledent, whose stunning scenes are splattered with bright, striking colour. For a more traditional palette, Tou Toa uses hazy blends to give his artwork a dreamlike quality. Another whose paintings are not to be missed is British artist Paul Hirst, who paints in a distinctive style that lends a unique energy to all his watercolours.

Learn more in our guide to watercolour paintings.

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    showing 838 pieces


    Paintings - 51x51 cm

    Helter Skelter 2

    Paintings - 84x124 cmRent for $255 /mo

    Islanders study 7

    Paintings - 32x24 cmRent for $43 /mo

    Pedestrian 1

    Paintings - 55x42 cmRent for $335 /mo

    Pedestrian 3

    Paintings - 55x42 cmRent for $335 /mo

    Rubiecita I

    Paintings - 21x15 cm


    Paintings - 46x61 cm

    The Moon

    Paintings - 122x91 cm

    Islanders study 2

    Paintings - 33x24 cmRent for $43 /mo

    Ripple Beach

    Paintings - 100x100 cmRent for $545 /mo

    That Source Energy

    Paintings - 32x23 cm

    Supported Finger 2

    Paintings - 24x32 cm

    Kiss Series- First kiss

    Paintings - 22x17 cm


    Paintings - 51x51 cm

    Fresh Garlic

    Paintings - 57x43 cmRent for $66 /mo

    Hold On

    Paintings - 18x26 cmRent for $50 /mo

    Islanders study 9

    Paintings - 32x24 cmRent for $43 /mo

    She Lies Beneath My Feet

    Paintings - 43x50 cmRent for $66 /mo

    Flying Hawk

    Paintings - 57x76 cm

    Iris No. 194

    Paintings - 76x57 cm