Street Art Paintings For Sale

Browse our selection of street art paintings for sale. While the term street art typically conjures up images of murals on brick walls, many painters are now experimenting with this style on canvas. Get to know the genre today and buy street art paintings from our range, or have a browse of our Street Art Photography, Street Art Collage or Street Art Prints for inspiration.…

Get to know the weird and wonderful world of Michael Tierney, a British painter whose work draws strong inspiration from the urban and satirical style of street art. With an eclectic collection of colourful characters and objects, these works are a clear echo of the chaos of modern life.

The first name to spring to mind when most people think of street art is Banksy, and this British artist’s provocative and exciting works have earned him international acclaim, elevating street art to a respected art form. However, the genre is not by any means new, and has existed for almost as long as cities themselves. Many Roman and Greek ruins bear the evidence of street art that is Millenia old.

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