Northern White Rhino

by Violet Astor

Edition of 50 - 54.2cm x 49.5cm x 0.1cm


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    Type | Limited Edition
    Medium | Prints
    Style | Realistic
    Subject | Animals
    Year | 2016
    Edition | of 50
    Size | 54.2cm x 49.5cm x 0.1cm
    Ready to hang | No
    Signed | Yes, front
    Materials | Gicleé print on Hahnemuhle fine art paper. Based on an original charcoal drawing
  • Northern White Rhino

    ‘Northern White Rhino’ print is from a series of charcoal wildlife drawings. Violet uses an intricate technique on a large scale focusing especially on her subject’s innate characters. Drawing here on the rhino’s strength and grace.

    This piece was inspired on discovering that there are only three Northern White Rhinos left in the world. Calling on her desire to draw attention to a species that once roamed Africa in its thousands, which is now completely extinct in the wild.

    Limited edition of 50 prints on Hahnemuhle German etch fine art paper, especially chosen to compliment the high q…

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    Violet Astor

    Violet is a London based artist who produces large, detailed charcoal drawings and prints. Her special interest is in capturing the magnificence of endangered species.

    Violet is a self-taught artist who discovered drawing during the years she was chronically ill with Lymes Disease, when it became a therapeutic medium for healing.

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