by Samsofy Samlal

Edition of 5 - 90.0cm x 60.0cm x 3.0cm


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  • Nat Rubinstein

    The Insider Nat Rubinstein says:

    "I simply cannot get enough of Samsofy’s witty and playful works. His works cleverly use elements of our everyday environment – pavements, flowers, mobile phones – and turn them on their heads in an unexpected, funny and often touching ways. And personally, after seeing ‘Crocodile Dundee’ I will never look at gummy bears the same way again!"

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    Need to know

    • When Samsofy’s son was born the artist stop working to take care of him. Nap time provided Samsofy with ample opportunities to work on creating his Lego universe.
    • His witty works mix politics, humour and poetry.
    • All of Samsofy’s photographs are very small limited editions and they are mounted on aluminium and covered with plexiglass.
  • Naboo

    A story of C-3PO and R2-D2.

    The work is mounted on a Dibond aluminium sheet and covered by plexiglass. It is shipped ready to hang.

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    Samsofy Samlal

    Samsofy Samlal calls himself a “plastician photographer”. He combines photography, street art, model making and installation techniques to create lego universes that offer a message. The artist enjoys playing with scale, mixing the enormous with the microscopic. We love the witty scenarios Samsofy constructs with these familiar little yellow men!

    He began his career photographing extreme sports in urban areas. Now he lets his love for geek culture guide his work. Samsofy has exhibited his photographs at Street Art Galelrie and Art Generation in France.

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    Limited Edition
    Science & Technology
    of 5
    90.0cm x 60.0cm x 3.0cm
    plexiglass framed
    Yes, signed lower right
    Mounted on aluminium and covered by plexiglass
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