For JP Sartre 2009

by Glenn Brown

Edition of 200 - 45.0cm x 60.0cm

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    Type | Limited Edition
    Medium | Prints
    Style | Abstract
    Subject | Still Life
    Year | 2009
    Edition | of 200
    Size | 45.0cm x 60.0cm
    Frame | Shipped framed in a beautiful black archival box frame
    Signed | Yes, signed in bottom right hand corner
    Materials | Lambda photographic print

    Additional Information

    • Rentals come shipped box framed in a black archival frame
    • Offered in association with Tate
  • For JP Sartre 2009

    The artist Glenn Brown made a name for himself (and found a little notoriety too) by "borrowing" visuals from art history and popular culture, then embellishing them with his own imagery. Nominated for the Turner Prize in 2000, he is now represented by The Gagosian Gallery, where his works sell for hundreds of thousands of pounds. This print however, was released by the Tate in conjunction with an exhibition the artist had at the Tate Liverpool for a fraction of the price.

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    Glenn Brown

    Glenn Brown considers himself an artistic Dr Frankenstein. This extraordinary British painter revitalises art historical imagery. The way Glenn sees it, he is “constructing paintings out of the residue or dead parts of other artists’ work”. As morbid as this sounds, Glenn’s work offers a thrilling and refreshing take on established modes of art. We love the richness of Glenn’s canvases and the powerful strangeness they evoke. The prints available from Rise Art will have you mesmerised.

    The Northumberland-born artist began his studies at the Norwich School of Art. Thereafter Glenn went o…

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