Enticement IV

by Fintan Whelan

Paintings - 70.0cm x 100.0cm

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    Type | Original Art
    Medium | Paintings > Oil
    Style | Abstract
    Subject | Abstract
    Year | 2017
    Size | 70.0cm x 100.0cm
    Ready to hang | No
    Signed | Yes, on the back
    Materials | Oil on paper
  • Enticement IV

    This artwork was created using fine Kremer pigments and oil paper (of 240g quality). A thin layer of varnish protects the artwork against UV light and dust.

    The artwork is signed on the back and accompanied with a certificate of authenticity.

    NOTE: The images in situ are computer generated, might not be to scale and serve for illustration purposes only.

    About my work:
    "What seems like chance or serendipity actually reflects years of honed skills in measuring, blending, searching to find what responds to my inner sense of how colours, light and dark, compete - tensions release,…

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    Fintan Whelan

    Fintan Whelan is an Irish artist who paints large, swirling abstract pieces. Fintan combines his pigments with varnishes and oils to create fluid configurations of colour. The abstract worlds he creates elicit a multitude of emotional and intellectual responses; though there is an overall sense of tranquility about his canvases that we just love.

    The artist was born in Dublin and has spent his adult life in Ireland, Spain and Germany. He trained at the Dun Laoghaire School of Art and the Dublin Institute of Technology.

    FIntan has exhibited his work worldwide and his paintings have bee…

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