Cherry Blossom Rain

by Naomi Vona

Collage - 13.0cm x 8.0cm

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    Type | Original Art
    Medium | Collage
    Style | Surrealistic
    Subject | Portraits & People
    Year | 2016
    Size | 13.0cm x 8.0cm
    Ready to hang | No
    Signed | Yes, on the back
    Materials | Stickers, pens, washi tape
  • Katie Tsouros

    The Insider Katie Tsouros says:

    "Naomi’s artistic manipulations are so intuitive that it as though each of these found photographs was not yet complete until they came into her possession."

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  • Cherry Blossom Rain

    About the artwork
    The kimono girl portrayed in this vintage photo suggested to the artist to create a cherry blossom rain around her.

    Naomi Vona collages
    Naomi Vona works with found photos and postcards, often purchased in batches of images, and with her witty ability with colour transforms them into scenes infused with life – still recognisable but with a whole new story to tell.

    Materials used:
    Stickers, pens and washi tape on vintage postcard.

    Important notes:
    • This is an original contemporary art collage realised on a vintage postcard.
    • All the artworks are signed, tit…

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    Want to find out more about this artwork?

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    Naomi Vona

    I work on vintage and found images creating freaky handmade collages. I consider myself as a “photo and video archival parasite”, but with no bad intentions.

    I draw portals on old photos, postcards and vinyl covers, because I believe that in some way they can allow me to travel in time and space.

    Every work is basically composed of three elements: my personal life background, my inspirations and subconscious, that is also the glue that puts all together.

    In my last project I am also exploring the photo transfer on canvas technique, where I always keep a found image as a starting po…

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