33rd Street

by Mr Brainwash

Edition of 50 - 76.0cm x 56.0cm

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    Type | Limited Edition
    Medium | Prints
    Year | 2009
    Edition | of 50
    Size | 76.0cm x 56.0cm
    Ready to hang | No
    Signed | Yes
    Materials | 15 colour screenprint on archival art paper

    Additional Information

    • Signed and numbered by the artist.
  • 33rd Street

    33rd Street is a limited edition 15 colour screenprint on archival art paper by renowned street artist Mr Brainwash. From a strictly limited edition of 50 prints the work has been signed and numbered by the artist.

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    Mr Brainwash

    Mr. Brainwash, the pseudonym for Thierry Guetta (French, b.1966), is a Pop Artist and videographer whose Graffiti and Contemporary pieces are highly valued by art collectors. Mr. Brainwash was born in Garges-lès-Gonesse, Paris, France, but relocated to Los Angeles with his father and several siblings when he was 15, after his mother passed away. The artist attended Fairfax High school for about a year, but later dropped out and began to organize events around Hollywood. Mr. Brainwash later delved into business and sold vintage clothes in Los Angeles, New York, and Miami, making substantial mo…

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