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Paintings80.0 x 60.0 cm?
Artwork size

Artwork physical size measured as height by width by depth. Artwork purchased with a frame will usually be 5cm (2.5in) longer in each dimension.

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Beatrice Wolff

Originally from the north of France, Béatrice Wolff followed until the age of 18 various workshops in the Fine Arts in Dunkirk & nbsp;: naked, engraving, screen printing, still life…. She continued to follow different artists' workshops in Venezuela, Paris, Australia and then in Montpellier. Installée today in Montpellier, she creates in her own workshop and regularly exhibits her work. draws from its memories of South American sensations and colors, signs and symbols of Australian Aboriginal culture or Japanese ancestral art, through the use of China ink. Cultures, she subtly reintroduces her sensations, her feelings by textures, and especially by color. His predilection material is paper, the common thread of her work. From all kinds of papers, often chosen for their attractiveness, it creates with or over a simple piece by drawing from its energy. Living fragments that can tell a story, are glued, cut, torn or crumpled and deposited on the support, paper or other on which it adds some traces of paintings, Chinese ink, pencil, pastel or Acrylic bomb. There are energetic, lively, strong, fluorescent colors, looking for harmony and thus form compositions & nbsp ;; Like patchworks of life, memories, sensations ... By mixing paint with collages, she expresses her ideas, her sensations by signs, images, words and her palettes that she wishes luminous, she strengthens and energizes her Compositions. She also tries to produce paintings imitating her collages, on the border between the two techniques, adding a visual experience in his compositions. Or sometimes, she creates very simple monoliths close to the papers that are also a sculpture. When she creates, she then finds her own writing, her own language, playing between sculpture and painting. "& Nbsp; And free myself from virtual reality. I do not represent an object of the natural, real or imaginary world. I let my mind wandered at the service of my creations. I tell stories thanks to the signs, and I hope that each person in front of my creations can travel and create their own story. Creating is my total space of freedom. & Nbsp; " Béatrice Wolff

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