Here's what Artists Are saying about Rise Art


"Rise art is the place for art online. I have been working with the team for over 5 years, and love what they do. Excellent."

- Bruce McLean

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Nick Malone

"Rise Art represents a radically new way of promoting art that gives us artists real proactive help and encouragement. On the one hand, this approach really does sell and rent out art effectively, so that artists can concentrate on their own creativity. On the other hand, it provides an array of support with curators, critics and personal involvement - the kind of support system that artists need. The art world has been waiting for something like Rise Art for some time, and now it’s arrived."

- Nick Malone

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"It is a real pleasure to work with Rise Art and I am excited to see them develop and grow. The team are helpful and supportive at every stage and it is clearly apparent that everyone involved has a genuine interest in the artists they are working with."

- Niki Hare

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Beth Partridge

"I cannot rate Rise Art more highly. Their professionalism, support and communication is faultless. The advice, expertise, appreciation, and sensitivity to me as an Artist have proved invaluable. In a cut-throat art world they are like a breath of fresh air."

- Beth Partridge

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Fernando Velazquez

"RiseArt represents a new way of promoting art worldwide. It is also an effective platform to connect artists and collectors in direct and engaging ways. As a painter, I particularly value the opportunity to reach a huge audience in collaboration with a team of professionals who truly understand the creative process of individual artists and more importantly, the need to promote art from every possible angle in an ever changing world..."

- Fernando Velazquez

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Nick Miners

"RiseArt have allowed me to recognise that my photography has value as art, and they have been very supportive in helping me select and promote my best work to a wide audience. The feedback from their curators has been invaluable in helping me ensure I continue to improve as an artist."

- Nick Miners

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Ellie Vandoorne

"With such a strong presence both online and in the art world, Rise Art has been an amazing new platform for me. They are always updating their website, sending out newsletters and offering support to both their customers as well as their artists. I would happily recommend them to any artist or art buyer."

- Ellie Vandoorne

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Kelvin Okafor

"Working with Rise Art has been fantastic. Their team has helped me promote and sell my work to a new audience online. Through Rise Art, I have sold more artwork than via any other online platform, and met new collectors who continue to support my practice."

- Kelvan Okafor
de Laszlo foundation prize winner
Featured on BBC TV

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Corinne Natel

"Rise Art has provided another dimension to my progression as an artist. The Rise Art team have given great support in promoting my art to wider audiences. I value their independent art curators reviewing my work, which has added a further level of credibility to my art."

- Corinne Natel

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Mat Cahill

"I don't just see Rise Art as a way of promoting and selling my work. Although they have helped me reach new markets and expose my practice to a wider audience. I also use the website as a way of sourcing inspiration from up and coming and established artists."

- Mat Cahill

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Ting-Ting Cheng

"Rise Art has really helped me get my name and practice out there. Through Rise Art, my works are seen by more audiences internationally."

- Ting-Ting Cheng
Moca solo artist and Goldsmith Fine Art Grad

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Chantal Powell

"Great, easy to use interface that showcases artists and their portfolios very efficiently. The Rise Art team are incredibly responsive and the site is constantly evolving. A fast growing place to discover emerging art!"

- Chantal Powell

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Andy Wicks

"The collaboration with Rise Art has been really good for my practice. Lots of online art projects don't turn out to be what you think they are, or you have to put money upfront to get involved. The great thing about Rise Art is their collaborative approach. They seem really engaged in supporting emerging artists, and have actively helped promote my exhibitions, publish writing, and pointed things out that I should be involved with."

- Andy Wicks

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Alma Haser

"I'm really happy to have found Rise Art. I have had quite a few people interested in my work contacting me through Rise Art"

- Alma Haser

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Ed Sanders

"Really exciting to see how the platform has developed. the website is looking great, as are the artists"

- Ed Sanders

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Dai Roberts

"The collaborative nature of Rise Art has been very interesting. The Prints I have made with Rise Art look fantastic. I am really pleased and it has made me think about what I am going to do in the future. Rise Art also gave me the chance to do an installation show, which pushed me to do things I had never done before. I have and will continue to recommend others to join."

- Dai Roberts

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