Our Story

Our Story

Marcos and I met at London Business school in 2006. I had begun to visit galleries and attend openings with my wife Helene - and I was blown away by the realisation that I could have art in my life. I could own it - art was not just for other people. I was astounded by how a single piece of art could transform a room in my flat.

But finding, choosing and buying art was difficult. It wasn't just the sheer number of galleries.

Rise Art showcases over 500 artists and over 7000 works. We focus on the quality of the art and artists we choose. And we've taken that to the next level with the launch of the Rise Art Prize. If we are different from any other art brand it is because everything we do is founded on one simple principle - that great art is for everyone.

We want to lead the art-tech revolution and enable anyone to discover, love, own and collect extraordinary art from around the world.

Meet the Team

Scott Philips
Marcos Steverlynck
Matthew Hockley
Jamie Ford
Angus Fitzpatrick
Catharine Thompson
Michelle Porter
Anita Grummels
Pearse Murphy
Jessica Aitken
Phin Jennings
Nancy Cravero
Aimee Morris
Carla Mengual
Bethan Street
Rita Kettaneh
Monika Schott
Nikola Velikov