Our Story

Our Story

My interest in art started by chance. My art-loving wife Helene introduced me to the world of galleries, exhibitions and degree shows. The first time I was blown away by an artwork was when I encountered Mark Rothko’s Four Seasons Commissions at the Tate - and I’ve been hooked on art ever sense.

But taking the next step and actually buying a piece - that was a different story. I didn’t really know where to start. The sheer number of galleries out there, coupled with lack of transparency and the fact that most galleries were just plain intimidating, made me feel like I just didn’t belong.

So in 2011, Marcos and I started Rise Art with the simple goal of championing, developing and showcasing the work of outstanding emerging and mid-career artists to a global audience.

As a company we want to act as an art world guide and narrator, using technology, traditional expertise and advice to help those looking to buy high quality art. Whether you’re just curious about art or you’re a seasoned collector, Rise Art is here to shine a light on the most exciting, talented and culturally-relevant artists of our time.

Meet the Team

Scott Philips
Marcos Steverlynck
Phin Jennings
Verity Babbs
Helen Buckley
Pearse Murphy
Michelle Porter
Nikola Velikov
Nancy Cravero
Melisa Oncul
Carla Mengual
Bethan Street
Carla Mengual
Monika Schott