The Guardian

The Guardian

Meet the Entrepreneurs Shaking up the Art World

“One company leading the charge is Rise Art. Set up in 2011 by Scott Phillips and Marcos Steverlynck, it is an online gallery offering new works largely from emerging artists. The business opens up the art world to people who might be limited by their location or the time they can spend looking for art.”

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Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy

Is Renting Art the New Way to Buy Art?

“Enter Rise Art, an online marketplace based in London that is changing the way people buy art by giving them a chance to test-drive a piece before they make a commitment. While Rise Art do offer works by established artists like Damien Hirst and Bruce McLean, they also represent emerging artists at affordable prices. And, they have a free curatorial service to help you navigate through all of the choices.”

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Mad About the House

Mad About the House

A Guide to Buying Art Online

“It’s a tricky thing buying art, but there are certain guidelines and tips that apply to everyone, whether you’re adding to an extensive collection or just want something to hang above the sofa.”

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The Frugality

The Frugality

9 Interiors and Lifestyle Websites You Should Know

“A one-stop shop for art, both affordable and fine. It has fun quirks like a quick test to recommend art based on your taste, and you can rent pieces before you commit.”

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The Telegraph


The Rise of Affordable Art

“Rise Art offer curated selections to make things as easy and pleasurable as possible. Better still, to overcome the reticence that people may understandably feel about buying a painting online, clients can try before they buy: artworks can be rented from as little as £25 per month and come ready to hang.”

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Forbes - Leadership


The Impact of Art in the Workplace

“Rise Art supplies art to many firms in the City of London. The impact of art in the workplace is often underestimated. Splashes of color in a painting can alter the mood of a meeting room or a piece of unusual artwork can provide a talking point in a bland corporate space. But can artwork have a direct impact on employee productivity or well-being? It seems the answer is yes.”

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South China Morning Post: Style Magazine

South China Morning Post

Online Sales of Artworks Rise as Technology Advances

“Rise Art is an online contemporary art gallery, with a click-to-buy e-commerce angle. It also offers a rent art option, allowing users to collect art without the risk at a low monthly rate.”

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Financial Times: Arts

Financial Times

Something borrowed: the growing industry of art leasing

“Another London company, Rise Art, which offers works for rent or sale, suggests prospective clients take a “personality quiz” to help determine their “art profile”. The business has even appointed a team of “art insiders” who select the artists for the stock list. This eclectic group includes Chris Ingram, entrepreneur and ex-chairman of Woking Football Club, who owns around 650 works.”

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Forbes - Online Art Rental Market


Say Hello to the Online Art Rental Market; Can It Make a Dent in a €50bn Industry?

“Rise Art is expanding its offering to include Corporate Services, renting out works of art from famous names such as David Hockney to offices, from top city law firms to bootstrapping start-ups. Rental can be anything from double figures to four figures per month depending on the work or works requested and the length of contract agreed.”

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Cool Hunting - Gift Guide


Must Have Gifts

“Online art purveyors Rise Art offer affordable works by a variety of artists, that you can either rent or purchase. The site's many filters makes finding a special piece for yourself easy enough, but they also offer gift cards for the art enthusiast in your life.”

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Barron's: Renting a collection


Barron's commends Rise Art style quiz

“After picking between art examples, you provide personal info, preferences, and a price range. Apparently, my art personality, is 'urbanite' and nearly all suggestions, including work by Damien Hirst, appealed to me.”

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Living etc: Design ideas, on the shelf

Living etc

Living etc recommends artwork from Rise Art as a way to spice up your shelves

“Rise Art sells stunning pieces from up-and-coming artists - and offers a rental service so you can try before you buy.”

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Deutsche Welle: Rise Art and the Affordable Art Fair democratising the art world

Deutsche Welle

Rise Art featured in German news giant, Deutsche Welle's, mini documentary on democratising the art world

“The london start up Rise Art has more than 20,000 items to choose from. Layers of filters help buyers choose what they want and for how much. Founder Marcos Steverlynk wants to reach different target groups.”

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Financial Times: Rise To the Occasion

Financial Times

The Financial Times How to Spend It magazine profiles Art For Care and artist Barry Goodman

“E-Tailer Rise Art has a cache of over 1,900 prints, paintings and sculptures sourced from emerging artists, galleries and museums, along with an online quiz to determine your "art personality" and help find pieces that match your taste.”

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Mashable: 20 Hot London Startups You Need to Watch


Building a great company with staying power can be done in the Big Smoke

“There's a big difference between liking art and knowing art. Rise Art has a quiz you'll take so that it can recommend art to you that fits your taste and style. You can also live with art without committing to it.”

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The Sunday Times: 15 Minutes of Frame

Sunday Times

Art Rentals make owning artwork accessible for the masses

“More than 700 paintings, sculptures and prints are on Rise's website, from limited editions by Banksy and Damien Hirst...to relative unknowns predicted to be future stars”

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Forbes: Startup Challenges World Domination Of Ikea Posters By Leasing Real Art


Rise Art's innovative art ownership model profiled by Forbes.

“The art market is a tough, storied world that can often seem beyond the reach of new artists and wannabe art buyers. But one startup thinks it can change that”

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Elle Decor: 3 Of The Best Prints

Elle Decor

Rise Art artist Avigail Talmor featured in Elle Decoration's pick of top art prints.

“A graphic art print is one of the simplest and most effective ways to jazz up up a wall. Checkpoint E by Abigail(sic) Talmor (is amongst) our favourites”

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Stylist: Hire A Work of Art


Rise Art Rental and quiz featured in Stylist Magazine along with artwork fromTahnee Lonsdale and Chris Shaw Hughes

“If you have ever fancied investing in an original piece of art but have winced at the price tag, the launch of the UK's first art rental service could be the answer to all your blank wall problems”

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Reuters: Art to Try before You Buy (video)


Rise Art artist Rosalind Davis, and customers about Rise Art's novel art rental model with Reuters Joanna Partridge

“Working with artist around the world, Rise Art provides access to original art. Art Lovers can buy artwork or rent for as little as £25 a month”

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BBC: Artists move online to sell their work to wider audience (video)


Rise Art artist Ting-Ting Cheng and founder Scott Phillips interviewed by the BBC News

“Have you ever wanted to hang a Damien Hirst in your hall? Now might be your chance as galleries and curators are increasingly using the internet to sell art at affordable prices. Rise Art rents out original works of art to people to try out on their living room wall before they commit to buying it.”

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Wired: Rise Art Launches Art Rental Service

Wired UK

Wired UK covers launch of Rise Art's novel art rentals model, and discusses how Rise Art helps anyone collect great art

“Art-lovers or those looking to impress their friends can rent art for as long as they like to give them time to work out if they want to buy the piece. The site aims to make owning original artwork more accessible and less intimidating to the masses.”

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Huffington Post: New Art Rental Site Lets You Try Before you Buy (Video)

Huffington Post

The venerable Huffington Post reviews Rise Art and describes our try before you buy model.

“But now art lovers have a new way to hang original art in their homes, thanks to the internet platform Rise Art and their "try before you buy" art rental program.”

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Interview with Scott Phillips - The Art Entrepreneur

Interview with Scott Phillips

Hot Courses interviews Rise Art Founder Scott Phillips, on starting an art business in London

“ Understanding art isn’t easy. Overwhelmed by the sharp words of critics, difficult colour combinations and sea of berets before you, picking out the perfect piece to adorn your lounge room can feel quite stressful. Rise Art, and their unique try before you buy model is set to change this status quo.”

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Bang Style: Rise Art Lets You Rent Original Art

Bang Style

Bang Style adds a fun spin to Rise Art's launch, comparing Rise Art to the dating world

“ For the art-loving commitment phobe, Rise Art presents a solution you can settle down with. The newly launched UK-based company's affordable art rental services essentially let collectors date different pieces of art starting at £25 ($40) per month.”

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VentureBeat: Rise Art introduces its new e-commerce website


Art e-commerce website Rise Art sees a disconnect between artists and the digital world. It aims to reconnect the two.

“ When was the last time you heard about an amazing new collage, or a great new painter? Probably not recently enough to feel like fine art is still a staple in our society. And yet there are amazing new artists out there”

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Life.Style.etc: Rise Art Pop Up Shop at Luna & Curious

Life.Style Etc

Rise Art takes over the exhibition space at Luna & Curious,with Dai Robertsmodernist installation

“ Artist Dai Roberts creates a room installation that transforms his modernist-inspired screen prints into a spatial experience. Well, that sounds rather wonderful to us!”

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Daily Candy Pick: Rise Art Pop Up Shop

Daily Candy

Daily Candy focus on Rise Art's Installation of work by Dai Roberts.

“Online community of up-and-coming artists hosts its first show of limited-edition prints and photography.Rise to the occasion!”

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