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Top 5 Most Famous Female Interior Designers

Posted in Styling With Art by Charlotte Broomfield on 20th January 2017

1. Dorothy draper

Famous for modernising contemporary designs, Dorothy Draper can be characterised by her use of unusual colour combinations, florals, stripes and, most notably, the mantra; "if it looks right, it is right". As the bias of photographic weighting might suggest, we're hugely into Dorothy and her super sassy, daring decadence. After marrying Dr. George Draper in 1912, Dorothy continued to live in glamour, compiling her homes with such style that Dorothy's other high society friends began to ask her to assimilate their homes in an interchangeable fashion. Dorothy also happened to be the cousin of Eleanor Roosevelt, and her husband was the personal doctor to U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt after he was diagnosed with polio.

Designs by Dorothy Draper

Designs by Dorothy Draper

Projects that made her famous

The Dorotheum, a restaurant at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Quitandinah Palace & Casino Resort, Petropolis, Brazil

Arrowhead Springs Hotel, California

Hampshire House, New York

Camellia House, Drake Hotel, Chicago

The Carlyle, New York

The Lithuanian Royal Palace

Designs by Dorothy Draper

2. Francis elkins

Francis Elkins' flair for design was coerced by her brother David Adler - who was by profession an architect - yet as a means of income it was probed by divorce. Francis' popularity derived from her play with colours as a means of both contrast and unity within a room. Francis enthused over patterns and used a plentitude of stripes and checkerboards in her flooring and drapes. Francis' style varies from country French and English, to Chinoiserie, to Art Deco and is well loved by many art appreciators (including ourselves!).

Designs by Francis Elkins


Yerba Buena Club at Golden Gate International Exposition

Treasure Island in San Francisco Bay (1939 fair)

Historic Abode Casa Amesti in Monterey, California

Cypress Point Club Clubhouse (1930)

The Zellerbach mansion in Broadway

Designs by Francis Elkins

3. Petra Blaisse

Petra Blaisse's designs can be described as an amalgamation of nature, culture, sophistication and functionality. In 1987, Blaisse started her career as a freelance designer for the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. There she focused mostly on architectural installations, later shifting her focus to landscape design in addition to textiles and interiors. In 1999, Blaisse formed the group Inside Outside; a collaboration between various architects, textile designers and interior designers. Inside Outside are perhaps most famous for their 'Voyeurist Curtains', which are a futuristic mash up of high fashion, conceptual art and Princess Leia's bedroom window hanging. Blaisse has been described both as a ‘textile architect’ and ‘one of Europe's most accomplished all-around designers’.

Designs by Petra Blaisse


Inside Outside, Amsterdam (1991)

Golden Theatre Curtain for the Nederlands Dans Theater

Vast curtains and poured floors for Lille Grand Palais, France

Spiralling "sound curtain" for the Kunsthal, Rotterdam

Museumpark, Rotterdam (1992)

Designs by Petra Blaisse

4. Clodagh

Irish born, New York based designer Clodagh is a strong believer in the use of harmony and simple materials to evoke tranquility within a space. Clodagh applies Feng Shui principles and uses sustainable materials such as stone, concrete and hand-woven fabrics within her timeless designs that are characterised by strong contemporary lines and wide open spaces.

Designs by Clodagh


W Fort Lauderdale Hotel and Residences

Miraval Life-in-Balance spa resort, Arizona

White Horses Spa at Doonbeg, Ireland

Tufenkian Heritage Hotels, Armenia

Landmarc Restaurant in NY's Time Warner Center

Nemacolin Woodlands

Designs by Clodagh

5. Laura Day

Laura Day's sophisticated designs are a manifestation of easy elegance with added personal touches to satisfy her client's needs to achieve a balance between functionality and beauty. Her simple masterpieces are based upon the classic principles of playing with colour, light, and furnishings. Laura focuses on natural elements to create clean and comfortable spaces.

Designs by Laura Day


Laura Day Design in SOHO (1997)

TLC's Trading Spaces

Home Depot's table for DIFFAS'S Dining by Design

Designs by Laura Day


The Minimalist Collection | Browse The Edit

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Wayne Sleeth’s Modern Take on Monet

Posted in Meet The Artist by Teddy Hall on 18th January 2017

Wayne Sleeth is known for his visceral, abstract works that capture a new and unique perspective on traditional landscapes. Taking inspiration from the great Claude Monet, within his latest ongoing series of ‘Monet’ works, he uses spray paint and bold colours in an expressionist style to construct modern interpretations of the famous waterlily works. Painting has always been a part of his life, and here he shares with us his journey thus far as an artist, from relocating to Paris, to transcending from classical to contemporary styles of painting. See into his studio space and browse his latest works below.



When did you know you wanted to be an artist?

I’ve always drawn and painted, but l’d say when I was around 14 and an art teacher showed us some examples of Cubist painting, something clicked and l knew what l was going to be doing later in life.


Composition (Night Garden), £950

Shop Wayne's Works >>


What was the first artwork you ever made? Can you remember?

No. I started really young, and remember always working on the floor, as l still do! But some odd souvenirs stick in the mind; from making giant Christmas cards for a school play to creating my own comic and selling copies to school friends.



Do you have a favourite or most meaningful piece?

No, it’s part of the mystery and beauty of what we do to say honestly that the latest is always one of the best, but the next one too, and so on! It’s the creative act that is the most precious, the result is its by-product.


Monet Monet Monet no 22, £850

Shop Wayne's Works >>

Who are your favourite artists?

I’ve been on a long pilgrimage since last year with Claude Monet, whom l’ve always admired. But Turner, Rothko, Tapies, Klimt and Basquiat are all important to me. I’m quite eclectic in my tastes, but they were all masters of their own form of expression.



Tell me a bit about the process you use to create your work. What visions and inspirations are behind it?

Mid-career l was happily painting and exhibiting non-stop but felt the need for a new challenge, to keep evolving. I had always held my more contemporary inspirations (street art, new media and installation) at bay with my ‘classic’ temperament, and a basic love of canvas and paint. But abandoning the brushes for spray cans in 2015 l went on a learning curve, keeping an old favourite - Claude Monet - as company. I began some waterlily paintings that were both freestyle and spontaneous, and thought the adventure would stop there. But 60 canvases further down the catalogue, l’m still making what l call ‘Monet Monet Monets’. I’ve found a happy medium, in every sense of the term, and the public warm to it everywhere too.


Monet Monet Monet, £825

Shop Wayne's Works >>


What has been the greatest impact on you as an artist to date?

I couldn’t choose just one, it’s a cumulative thing. I’d say travelling, having some excellent teachers in the past, moving here to France to live and work, but also visiting certain exhibitions like the Rothko retrospective at Tate Modern, the Monets at the Orangerie and Marmottan in Paris, and his estate at Giverny in Normandy.


Composition (MMM), £375

Shop Wayne's Works >>

Give us a quick one line about your studio space - what do you love about it?

It’s big and light and calm; l’m lucky to work from where l live, in the French countryside. I love being able to step directly out into the garden.


What’s playing in your studio right now?

For a long time l worked in silence, then l went through a period of listening to all kinds of music, from classic to jazz to minimalist music like Philip Glass and Michael Nyman’s work. This year, l’ve settled back into silence. So much goes through my head when l work, background noise is enough!

What’s the most important object in your studio?

In practical terms, the sink! A beautiful old workbench that l’ve restored, a sixties red and black armchair to reflect in... In artistic terms, there are a few ornaments on the shelves that l can’t part with; a collection of miniature owls, some odd French handmade tools, and a watercolour by my father.


Composition in Red, £950

Shop Wayne's Works >>


Browse Wayne Sleeth's Paintings on Rise Art >>

10 Uplifting Artworks to Beat the January Blues

Posted in Styling With Art by Mandy Poernig on 16th January 2017

So you’ve survived the post-Christmas back-to-the-office jolt, and the food, the merriment and the glittery Christmas parties are but a distant dream. You’ve even made it halfway through January, successfully navigating these cold, wet and grey days (did I mention cold? Because it is, really, really cold). At this time of year, it’s easy to feel surrounded by darkness, but fear not, we’ve got the perfect remedy for your January blues. Raise your spirits with our 10 uplifting artworks set to bring warmth back inside, transforming your home into your very own port in a storm.


FarlightTessa Houghton


Shop Tessa Houghton's Works >>

This is the perfect piece with which to reign in a positive new year. Shades of pink are soft yet uplifting, and the first rays of light beginning to break through in the distance fills me with excitement for things to come.  This is such wonderful work, with a truly otherworldly feel, inviting you to fall into the piece and allow yourself to be transported elsewhere.


Utah GreenTommy Clarke


Shop Tommy Clarke's Works >>

I'm such a fan of Tommy Clarke, regularly featuring his works on the blog. His use of an aerial view completely distorts our perception of a familiar subject matter and invites the viewer to conjure their own interpretation.


Drift/Derive, Elizabeth Jardine


Shop Elizabeth Jardine's Works >>

This work draws you in so completely, with a spiral of light that leads the eye into the depths of the woodland. I love her use of green shades that brighten as you take a closer look at the speckled paint detail. This piece is definitely on trend for Pantone’s Colour of the year 2017, Greenery.


IntermittencesNadege Druzkoski


Shop Nadege Druzkowski's Works >>

Druzkowski was inspired by the French novelist Marcel Proust, who believed that art has the ability to transcend life and transport us out of time, a theme that I think is very evident in this piece. The unusually warm colour palette and purposeful placement of trees creates a harmonious image, exuding a calming effect.


Windermere at NightNick Miners


Shop Nick Miners' Works >>

I often get lost in this piece, incredulous at how it could have been captured within our world. This is such a serene scene, with stars emerging over the misty lake in a truly mesmerizing way. As I’m stuck on a busy train I close my eyes and hope to open them standing at the end of this jetty.


Tower Bridge PanoramaAdam Butler


Shop Adam Butler's Works >>

Now this blog might be all about striking works that give us the feel good factor on a cloudy day, but it’s not just about the countryside; the cityscape is a force of beauty too. As a Londoner, I look at Adam Butler's photography and get an overwhelming sense of belonging and pride that I live in such a captivating city. He catches London in its most enchanting light and his works are perfect for anyone looking to pay homage to the city they love.


Neon Desert IISteven Irwin


Shop Steven Irwin's Works >>

Irwin’s unique photomontage style creates a real hit of bold colour. I keep revisiting Neon Desert in futile attempts to decipher the intertwined elements of architecture and nature. This stimulating piece will inspire any viewer, getting the brain ticking over again after the Christmas break.


Autumn in HouroyPol Ledent


Shop Pol Ledent's Works >>

I regularly daydream about escaping to a sunny, relaxing country retreat (doesn’t everyone?) and this artwork so nearly captures my imagined utopia. The thick brush strokes of oil paint add such rich texture and depth to the perspective so that it feels as if you’re in the scene, peeping over the flowers to admire the view. Create your own personal gateway to paradise in your living room with this painting.


Uropia XVDerek Curtis


Shop Derek Curtis' Works >>

I’ll be honest, this is not my default art style of choice, but I can’t help but being absorbed by this piece. When the world is grey and all I crave is colour, I can fall into the bright, almost vulgar colour palette that contrasts with the traditionally quaint scene it envelops.


10 My Sunshine, Alexandra Gallagher


Shop Alexandra Gallagher's Works >>

If there was an artwork that would define my thinking behind this blog then this would be it. I love her use of a realistic concrete road leading into the woodland, with mystical mountains behind. It truly captures the essence of how a certain train of thought can move from the mundane to the fantastical in a matter of moments.


January Curator's Picks | Browse the Collection

Head Curator Rebecca Gordon brings in the new year with her top picks for January, featuring bright and beautiful must-have works from our finest emerging and established artists. If you’re eagerly searching for some respite from the overwhelming darkness of January, then this collection of artworks will provide the visual escapism that you’ve been looking for.



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