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About the Art

The SHAFT series explores the notion of transitional space and suspension of time, using the mine site as a metaphor. The visual ambiguity is derived from macro photographs of everyday objects. As a result, the paintings exist in the territory between realism and abstraction, the banal and the uncanny.

Curator Insights

Annelien Bruins

Annelien Bruins said:

"This work is eery and realistic at the same time. The coldness of the mine shaft depicted suggests alienation but put into context this work is simply a part of everyday life. "

About the Artist

London Based artist Tessa Mo's work explores the notion of vertical transport. Her paintings are based on themes of weightlessness, awareness of existence and the idea of transcendence. The visual ambiguity of her work exists in the polarization between the abstract and the real, where doorways, o…

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