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About the Art

Inspired by a visit to an Andalucian village 'Spanish Boy' is a collective image based on the impressions of the people in the area not far from Malaga, the birth town of Pablo Picasso.

Curator Insights

Annelien Bruins

Annelien Bruins said:

"Marina Jijina uses colour in way that reminds me of a Alexej von Jawlensky's portrait; especially the contrasting pink and green/yellow hues in the face of the boy and the strong lines that delineate his face. There is some reference, it seems, to Picasso's rose and blue periods."

About the Artist

The work of Russian-born artist Marina Jijina is largely inspired by her personal experiences growing up in Soviet Russia, as well as contemporary and minimalist music. Viewing painting as a necessary way of communication and a method for exploring the subconscious, the artist's work attempts to ex…

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